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If the thing you’re missing from your solo sex sessions or joint adventures is the sensation of being penetrated, then browse Romantix’s collection of the best dildos for women and men.

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Find The Best Dildos Online With Romantix

Our online collection of dildos will give you complete satisfaction and are perfect for spicing up your solo or joint play. Find exactly what you need whether it’s a glass dildo for temperature play, a realistic dildo to get the real-life look of your favorite penis, or a suction cup dildo for you to ride hands free. Shop our full collection of small and big dildos for sale and get free shipping on orders over $50 with discreet packaging.

Giant Dildos For Men & Women

For some people, size really does matter. If you’re looking to add a few extra inches in length and girth in your solo play, then our range of giant dildos are perfect for giving you that ‘full’ feeling.

Giant dildos are a statement in your bedroom drawer, and not for the faint hearted! With our big dildos ranging up to an impressive 13 inches, or 16 inches if you opt for a double dong, we can assure you that there’s no such thing as ‘too big’. Shop our range of huge dildos for sale now and pair with lashings of lube.

Best Dildos for Men and Women

Romantix supplies the best dildos for men and women in the USA. We stock a range of colors and sizes like big dildos, small dildos, black dildos, gay dildos and lesbian dildos; there’s a dildo to suit every person and every desire. Whether you like small pink dildos or big black dildos, you can find your favorite dildo here.

Our dildos for women let you experience the pleasure of being penetrated without a need for any partner. Use with a vibrator for extra stimulation and enjoy your alone time like never before. If you’re man who loves the thought of being penetrated from behind, then take a look at the best dildos for men in our online sex store for some intense and incredible pleasure stimulating the wonderous p-spot.

Gay and Lesbian Dildos

Our range of gay dildos will leave you feeling utterly satisfied. Ranging from small to large dildos, our collection will help you to stimulate the prostate to reach that sought-after full body orgasm that you’ve always dreamed of. Start slowly with our range of small gay dildos and work your way up towards the larger sizes to prevent injury.

When in a lesbian relationship, finding toys that can pleasure both partners can be difficult. There are so many toys available, and Romantix is here to help you choose the perfect sex toy for you. If you want some power play during your penetration, try out our strap-on dildos and embrace being a top or a bottom, or try out our double dong lesbian dildos for simultaneous penetration. Shop the full range of lesbian dildos now and see where you’re pleasure can take you.

Small Dildos for Women and Men

If you’re just starting out with dildos, and the look of large dildos is slightly too daunting, then our small dildos for men and women are the perfect beginner toy. Small dildos aren’t too scary to look at, and most come in a variety of different colors and materials. They’re perfect for those who aren’t a fan of a large, girthy penis, or those who have just started their anal play journey and wanted to try something a bit more intense. Shop our small dildos for men and women now.

Dildos FAQs

How Do You Use a Dildo with a Partner?

Although using a dildo is a wonderful way to enjoy some alone time and explore what your body likes, it’s also an incredible thing to share with your partner. Whether it’s double penetration, pegging or anything in between, dildos are a great way to experiment with each other can actually be very fun and intimate. Try it out now and never look back!

How Do You Use a Dildo?

Whatever the type of dildo you’re using, whether it’s a small glass dildo, a big black dildo, a metal dildo or a giant dildo, always start out with a lot of lube to reduce friction. Next, explore the best positions. Try sitting on the dildo, or laying on your back, or on all 4’s, although these may be easier with a dildo with a suction cup base. Once you’ve found your favorite position, you can experiment with different sizes, girths and materials to satisfy your craving.