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Anal Vibrators


Get your hands on an anal vibrator to bring a whole new level of pleasure to your play time. The vibrations stimulate the thousands of nerve endings found in the anus that, when stimulated, can lead to incredibly powerful full-body orgasms. Shop now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

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Best Anal Vibrators for Beginners

Whether you’re experienced in butt stuff or are just starting out, Romantix stocks a huge range of the best anal vibrators for beginners. Most of our anal sex vibrators are designed with a slim shaft for easy insertion and may include added bumps and ridges for extra stimulation once you’ve gotten a feel for it. Choose from a vibrating butt plug, probe, massager or anal dildo now for some incredible sensations you’ve always been missing.

Our range of the best anal vibrators for beginners allows you to explore your body in new and exciting ways during your solo play or with your partner. Using an anal vibrator can help your whole body to relax for more intense orgasms. Choose from large and small anal sex vibrators, girthy and slimline anal sex vibrators and everything in between for some incredible anal exploration. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, everyone can benefit from a little butt fun.

Anal Sex Vibrators

Both men and women can benefit from an anal sex vibrator. Men have thousands of nerve endings in the anal canal including the prostate (also known as the male g-spot) which, when stimulated can lead to intense full body orgasms. Our range of anal sex vibrators for men can be used during sex to enhance the pleasure and sensations felt, you’ll never go look back once you’ve experienced a p-spot orgasm. Try now for sex or pair with a male masturbation sleeves for some solo fun.

Although women don’t have a prostate, there are still tons of nerves in the butt that can increase pleasure and arousal. By using a vibrating anal toy, you can create a narrower vaginal canal that can increase sensitivity during penetration. Both of these sensations can lead to powerful, earth-shattering orgasms that you won’t forget easily. Explore your backdoor now with our vibrating anal toys.

Best Vibrators for Anal Sex

Our vibrating anal toys are perfect for those taking part in anal sex. Not only do the vibrations create some indescribable sensations, but they’re also great for warming up your butt before using larger anal sex toys like anal dildos or a penis. Use alongside another male masturbator to get you going and enjoy some sensual anal sex. Shop the best vibrators for anal sex now.

Anal Vibrators FAQs

Do Anal Vibrators Feel Good?

The sensation may feel strange to begin with, but as long as you’re warmed up and open minded, anal vibrators can feel incredibly good. Due to the many nerves found in the anal canal, anal play has the tools to become an important part in helping you reach orgasm. Although many can’t orgasm just from anal stimulation, however the erotic sensations are popular among millions of men and women.

How Do You Use Anal Vibrators?

Before getting started, we recommend warming up your body with some foreplay or masturbation to get you going. It’s also a good idea to play around your butt hole to loosen it up, taking hot baths or showers also helps!

When you’re ready, apply a lot of anal lube and slowly begin to insert the anal vibrator into your butt and then play around with the settings to find what feels best for you. Try different positions and intensities and explore the sensations during other sexual acts like sex, oral and foreplay.

Once finished, make sure to clean the anal vibrator thoroughly using warm water and sex toy cleaner. Leave to air dry and store in a cool dry place ready for the next use.