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Inflatable Anal Toys


Explore our large selection of the best inflatable anal toys on the market. Designed to be self-tailored and customizable, these body-safe toys start small and grow big until you're completely satisfied.

Vibrating and inflatable with an easy-pump bulb or remote controlled, inflating anal toys come in different shapes to fulfill any fantasy. Shop online and find your ideal sex toy that will spice up your kink game!

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What are Inflatable Anal Toys?

Inflatable anal toys are a diverse group of adult toys that, when inflated with air, may grow considerably in size. This unique style of a sex toy has a clear advantage over other designs. An inflatable dildo or butt plug will increase in size until it fits the user's body perfectly.

Inflatable toys are designed to slide in the bum smoothly while still small. Once inside, users can inflate them with a squeeze bulb or remote control to enhance their size for maximum pleasure.

As with other adult toys, high-class materials and body-safe designs are the top features that guarantee a positive experience. All our designs are made from premium materials and feature a cup or flared base for fun and safe anal training.

Dildos with a cup base are ideal for a hands-free anal sex experience. For flat-base designs, base sizes - or base diameters - usually vary proportionally with the toy's diameter before inflation.

Huge butt plugs may feature a light latex balloon on the top, intended to provide advanced users with immeasurable pleasure during sex.

Among other popular kinky options for steamy booty calls are inflatable vibrating butt plugs of giant girth. Also anal dildos with an impressive 12' inches insertable length that can inflate and vibrate.

Amp Up Your Anal Pleasure with a Butt Buster

People love expanding anal toys for many reasons. For instance, an inflatable silicone butt plug for beginners can provide delicate sensations and optional vibration. Female-bodied people can especially enjoy an inflatable butt plug designed for G-spot pleasure. Advanced users will expand their anal play experience with an inflatable toy made from weighted silicone for impactful sensations.

Want to know what experts have to say? Here's our list of the top 5 features:

  • Materials - Inflatable sex toys can be made of ABS plastic, silicone and other materials. While the leading manufacturers offer loads of options, the most popular material is silicone. Silicone inflatable toys are durable and ultra-hygienic.
  • Shapes - Blow up butt plugs and anal dildo toys come in a huge array of shapes and styles. From classic straight models to kinky designs and heavy duty hardcore options. Choose your favorite shape and enjoy the best anal experience.
  • Sizes - When it comes to choosing your perfect option in terms of size, butt buster toys are quite varied. Your versatile anal balloon can be delicate yet made to play hard. If you're a beginner, get used to the solid core before experimenting with huge girths.
  • Textures - To intensify your sensations and add an extra dimension of pleasure, these toys come in a wide range of different textures. Ultra-smooth, ribbed or textured with anatomic details, they're designed to provide intense pleasure.
  • Features - Who wouldn't like to add more fun to their exciting couple's play? For those who like a buzz in their anal play, here's our recommendation: personalize your fantasies with multiple inflation and vibration modes.

How to Use a Silicone Inflatable Toy

The inflatable style of sex toy was invented with both pleasure and comfort in mind. These easy-to-use toys are guaranteed to increase sexual pleasure when used correctly.

When you're ready for your pleasure session, apply a lubricant to the body and your toy. Slide the toy inside while it's deflated and start using the squeeze bulb to enlarge the toy.

For an enhanced erotic experience, you can experiment with new sensations at different levels of inflation. If your toy has distinctive features - for example, a huge balloon combined with discreet or intense vibrations - play around to find your preferred combination of sensations.

To deflate the toy, use the quick-release valve. It releases the pressure and lets all the air out.

Inflatable Anal Plug or Prostate Massager: Expert Review

Inflatable plugs are a perfect tool for people who enjoy bigger toys but have difficulty with insertion. A butt plug prostate massage is very effective and easy to perform using anal probes.

Prostate massagers are similar to vibrating anal plugs. However, they may also offer additional features for external stimulation.

Inflatable Anal Toy FAQs

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