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Anal Beads


Reveal the full joy of anal beads, suitable for beginners and experienced users. Made of body-safe materials such as silicone and premium glass, they can be used by persons of all genders.

Enjoy our selection of multiple shapes and sizes, along with vibrating models that offer trembling orgasms. Pair them with lube and safely engage in solo anal sex, or use them to spice things up with your partner.

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What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are sex toys consisting of connected spheres that are inserted through the anus into the rectum repeatedly. They can be used as foreplay in preparation for penile and dildo insertion or as stimulators that enhance your sensations. They are most commonly made of soft silicone.

Silicone anal beads offer more control due to their flexibility and natural feel. Those fully made of firmer components are stiff and less adaptable to the shape of your colon. They, however, heat up faster to adapt to your bodily temperature, creating a warm, pleasurable sensation.

Anal bead toy is available in many sizes, with individual beads measuring from 25 mm in diameter to 125 mm in diameter or larger. Most users enjoy beads of approximately 45 mm, but some will become more adventurous with experience, and try larger sizes. (Wikipedia)

They contain a handle or a ring at the end that makes them easier to pull out and prevents the risk of getting lodged in the rectum. Additionally, they can have vibrating features that are great additional stimulators.

Boost Your Sexual Pleasure with Anal Orgasms

Anal beads have a lot of dedicated fans who enjoy their unique shape and features. Easy to use and completely body-safe, beaded anal toys are suitable even for complete beginners. Many use them as an anal massager or during sexual intercourse for extra stimulation and anal orgasms. These versatile toys with great play possibilities can surprise and delight.

Need some inspiration and new ideas? Check our list of the top characteristics beneficial to users:

  • Versatile: While many use beaded anal toys to reach anal orgasms, these toys may feel great in a lot of different contexts. Many couples make them a part of roleplay or enjoy the surprising effect when their partner pull them to get the steamy butt play started.
  • Body-Safe: Made from high-quality materials with a pull ring for safe anal play, these toys are completely safe to use. Most designs feature different-sized balls growing in size from top to bottom. Thus you can safely increase the intensity of activities and gradually stimulate sensitive nerve endings of anal sphincter muscles.
  • Durable: Premium, non-porous materials and unique shape that features a string of connected balls that gradually increase in size make these toys durable. If used properly, your all-in-one beaded set can last a lifetime! Remember to pair your toys with high-quality lubricants and use a sex toy cleaner for long-lasting protection.
  • Waterproof: Most glass anal beads and toys made from silicone or natural rubber, are waterproof and thus ideal for shower play and pool sex. You can bring your toy to the shower or the tub and the ring comes in handy when it is time to pull them out. While in the shower you don't need to worry about cleaning issues. Enjoy!
  • Ideal for Anal Training: Anal beads most commonly have balls or similar shapes that gradually increase in bead sizes. A human anus is incredibly sensitive, and the beads make the insertion pleasurable from the very start. As the beads get bigger, an anus dilates more, thus making it suitable for anal training.

Anal Beaded Toy vs. Butt Plug: What to Choose If It's Your First Time

While butt plugs are great for anal sex, they are not the perfect choice for a first-timer. The gradual progression in size of orbs could be a better choice for inexperienced users. Besides being partially created to introduce people to anal sex, you can also find a more pleasant anal beads butt plug.

The smaller orbs at the tip make it easy to insert, and you can go slowly towards the largest orb. It takes some time before you’re able to go bigger at first, but with enough repeated insertions, pleasure and comfort are guaranteed. The anus gets loose enough and you can go deeper to insert bigger beads inside for more anal pleasure.

How to Use a Beaded Toy: Body-Safe Materials, Vibrations and Lubes for Easy Insertion

It’s always a good idea to get yourself aroused beforehand, either by watching an adult clip or by engaging in foreplay with a partner. The next step would be to apply sexual lubricant to the toy.

A sphincter doesn’t naturally lubricate, so you need to get it slick enough, usually lubing multiple times during a longer session. Once you insert the toy, repeatedly insert and pull it out for more arousal, going as deep as feels comfortable.

Anal beads with a vibrator attached to the base of the toy are commonly used by inserting and letting the 3-speed vibrations do the work. Anal pleasure experience and needs vary for every individual, which is why there are multiple sizes and styles of actual beads.

Vibration patterns, vibration levels, and their zone of impact depend on the model you select. The anal balls can vibrate or you can select those where the base of the toy vibrates arousing your sphincter's sensitive nerve endings for amazing orgasms. Their reach depends on the material the toy is made of, and the connective substance between individual balls.

Lubricants should always be used with anal beads. The type of lubricant used depends on their material. Silicone beads should not be coupled with silicone lubricants, since they can cause it to degrade. Orbs made from other substances are safe to use with any type of anal lube. For example: silicone lubes, water, silicone lubes, water-based lubes, etc.

Anal Beads FAQs

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