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Silicone Based Lube

Our silicone based lubes are sure to give you long lasting slipperiness during your intense sex sessions or masturbation without the need to reapply often. A little goes a long way with our best silicone based lube, get yours now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Silicone Lube For Sex

Romantix stocks the best silicone lube in the USA to enhance your sex, foreplay or solo sessions. Our silicone lube is perfect for those who enjoy a little shower fornication with their partner or favorite sex toy due to the silicone sex lube being water resistant. This means whilst you’re getting down and dirty in the shower, your lube will stay perfectly intact to ensure no friction. A little goes a very long way when using our best silicone lube as it won’t wash off down the drain causing you to reapply, so applying a generous amount to begin with should see you through an incredible shower sex session. Shop the best silicone lube for all your water based sexual activities now.

Our range of silicone sex lube can last you through the most vigorous sexual experiences without the need to reapply too often. The silicone gives an incredibly sensual feeling and is safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex. Our relaxing silicone based sex lubes are also great to help relax anal muscles for any beginners! Our best silicone lubes are compatible with latex, plastic, glass and metal; however, you should be wary not to use silicone lube with silicone sex toys.

Silicone Vs Water Based Lube

Since silicone lube is hypoallergenic, most people won’t get a reaction from it compared to some water based lubes. Silicone sex lube also lasts longer during sex, foreplay and masturbation as, unlike water based lubes that get absorbed into the skin, silicone based lube sits on top of the skin and doesn’t wear away.

However, whereas water based can be used anywhere and for anything, silicone based lube cannot be used with silicone toys as it can deteriorate the surface of the silicone. When this happens, your sex toys become less sanitary as the silicone lube causes abrasions in the silicone toy where bacteria can grow. If you’re wondering about silicone vs water based lube, shop our full range now.

Silicone Lube FAQs

How Do You Use Silicone Based Sex Lube?

The main benefit of using silicone lube is due to the fact its waterproof making it perfect for shower or bath fun with your favorite dildos and vibrators or your partner. It’s also condom safe and can be used with all materials apart from silicone. To use this lube, apply a generous amount to your toy, your partner or yourself and go ahead with your usual sexual activities without worrying about reapplying. Because this is waterproof and doesn’t sink into the skin like our water based lubes, you can enjoy intense sex for longer.

How Do You Clean Silicone Lube?

You can clean silicone based sex lube from your sex toys with sex toy cleaner and water. However, if the silicone sex lube gets on your sheets (which can easily happen during great sex sessions), it’s beneficial to treat the stain as soon as possible. We recommend pre-treating, using a sex toy cleaner or using laundry detergent.