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Flavored Lube

Sweeten things up in the bedroom with our mouth-watering range of flavored lube. Browse your favorite flavors from fruity strawberry to sweet vanilla and everything in between. Shop the best flavored lube now for your next sexual experience and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging always.

Best Flavored Lube

Our melt in your mouth flavored sex lube is sure to heighten your experience and titillate your taste buds. Our flavored sex lube is versatile and effective enough to use for penetration, foreplay and oral sex. Drizzle your favorite flavored sex lube over your partner like they’re your favorite dessert and enjoy the tasty treat for some sweet and sensual foreplay. Our incredibly tasty flavored lubes are great for making oral sex highly irresistible, sex highly satisfying and solo play highly adventurous.

When it comes to sex, the wetter the better! Our range of the best flavored lubes will help keep you ready and raring to go throughout your sex sessions. Not only do our wet flavored lubes taste incredible (hello, watermelon) they’re also perfect to use with our range of condoms. We stock the best brands of the best flavored lubes so shop now to experience the sweet satisfaction that they can give.

Flavored Lube For Oral Sex

Our flavored oral lube takes your oral experience from great to unbelievable. Drip and drizzle your favorite flavors over your partner then lick, kiss and nibble to your hearts content. Not only do the flavored oral lubes taste incredible, but they also make the oral experience even more pleasurable for the receiver. The sensations of the silky smooth lube on your most sensitive areas feels amazing and heightens your arousal.

Our wet flavored lube for oral sex is created with an incredible formula that is the perfect combination of a high quality lubricant with a wonderful flavor sensation. Satisfy your sweet tooth whilst playing your erotic oral games and we have no doubt that you will keep coming back for more. Shop the full range of flavored oral lube now for the most intimate experiences.

Buy Flavored Lube Near Me

Our wet flavored lube makes everything more satisfying, and you can make sure you can get some right to your doorstep with the click of a button through our online sex store. Flavored sex lubes create an unbelievable experience that allows for even more playful fun and thrills. Even those who aren’t the biggest fans of oral can’t say no to our delicious range.

Don’t skip dessert, make yourself the dessert. Our flavored lubes is available to everyone everywhere in the USA, so if you’re wondering “where can I buy the best flavored lube near me?” we’ve got you covered. Buy flavored lube for a tempting, treat-filled sexual experience now.

Flavored Lubes FAQs

Can Flavored Lube Be Used For Intercourse?

Yes! Flavored lube is extremely versatile and can be used for all types of sex. It works just the same as your normal water-based lube, however these ones just taste better! Use flavored lube all the way from foreplay to full penetrative sex without worry. It’s also great to use during masturbation with yourself or a sex toy if you like to involve all the senses in your play! Use our flavored lube, lighted a scented candle and play your favorite sensual music for an all-round sensory experience.

What Flavored Lube Should I Buy?

All our flavored sex lube is irresistibly tasty and is perfect for licking, kissing and nibbling on. However, if you have a favorite flavor or a favorite dessert that you just can’t get enough of, we highly recommend seeking out that flavor to bring in to your bedroom activities. Our flavors range from fruity flavors like watermelon, mango and blueberry to sweet dessert flavors like cotton candy and salted caramel to help you recreate your favorite sweet treats. Buy flavored lube in your favorite flavors now!