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Desensitizing Lube

Desensitizing lube has a range of benefits whether you’re a man who wants to last longer in bed or you need a little relaxation assistance when using the back door. Shop our full range of the best desensitizing lube now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging always.

Best Desensitizing Lube For Men

Finishing too soon during sex is something a most men experience at one point in their life and for many reasons. And whilst it is perfectly normal, it can still be frustrating for you and your partner. However, with the use of some desensitizing lube for men, you can control the rush to the finish line and spend a little more time in the fun zone and be in with a great chance of reaching a mutual orgasm.

Desensitizing lube for men helps you go for longer by slightly numbing your member and also doubles up as lube during sex. Our range of desensitizing lubes and numbing lubes are specially formulated to reduce the sensations felt on the man’s penis so that they don’t ‘win the race’. A little goes a long way with our numbing lube, and it’s the perfect accessory to any man’s sex toy collection. Try using our numbing lube to delay your orgasm and stimulating lube to speed up hers. Pair with a vibrator for an incredibly erotic sexual experience with your lover. Shop the full range of the best desensitizing lube now.

Desensitizing Anal Lube

Our collection of desensitizing anal lubes is designed for those who love the intensity of anal play but that need some help in relaxing and desensitizing the back door entry ready for play. Each of our desensitizing anal lubes are formulated with powerful ingredients that provide temporary male anal desensitization which provides relief from any discomfort during anal play.

Whether you’re into the use of anal sex toys like butt plugs, anal probes and prostate massagers or you’re experienced in anal sex, our desensitizing anal lube is the perfect addition to your bedside drawer. All our desensitizing anal lubes are safe for use with sex toys, so browse our full range now for the product that’s best for you. If you need any assistance in picking your perfect desensitizing lube, get in touch with one of our experts now.

Desensitizing Lube FAQs

How Does Desensitizing Lube Work?

Our range of numbing lube and desensitizing lube is specially formulated to delay orgasms. Most typically work with the use of a topical anesthetic ingredient such as benzocaine or lidocaine that temporarily desensitize your genitals. These ingredients make the nervous response to the stimulation much more muted. These desensitizing lubes generally don’t numb or tingle the genitals, but simply turn down the volume on the level of sensations felt. This means you can still enjoy the sensations without the overwhelming feeling of reaching orgasm too quickly.

How Do You Use Desensitizing Lube?

To use our range of desensitizing lubes, you simply apply the lube to the area in which you want to mute the sensations of; this is usually the penis or the anus. Once applied, wait a few minutes for the lube to begin working - you can test this by touching or playing with the area and judging the sensations. Once it’s started working, you can continue with sex, foreplay or masturbation.