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Anal Lube

Our long lasting and specially formulated anal lubes are perfect for anyone exploring the delights of anal foreplay, anal sex or anal toys. As the anus isn’t self-lubricating, an anal lube is essential for easy entry and to reduce the risk of soreness. Shop the best anal lube now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Anal Lube

If you want the best anal experience, then you need to introduce a lot of lube for anal sex. Lube is important for any sexual experience. Not only does it ease penetration by allowing penises and toys to glide in, but it also makes any external stimulation feel even more pleasurable. The same goes for anal play. By applying a generous amount of anal lube, you can make every sensation feel even better.

All our lubes are specially formulated to allow easy penetration with ultimate staying power meaning you won’t be drying up any time soon. The slippery and slidey anal lube hydrates your anus which increases anal elasticity ready for being penetrated with a finger, penis or favorite anal toy. Romantix stocks the best lube for anal sex to relax your muscles and provide seamless penetration during your anal plays. Shop the full range of good anal lube now.

Anal Numbing Lube

Anal numbing lube is the perfect for those starting out in anal play who may need some help to relax the muscles around the anus. We recommend using your fingers to massage in our anal numbing lube to the outside of your anus. The formulation of the anal numbing lube along with the massaging will help to loosen your butt hole. You can also use anal toys like anal beads or small butt plugs to help with preparing your anus for bigger penetration.

The relaxation properties of the anal numbing lube and anal relaxing lube are created to provide long-lasting cushioned glide during anal play whilst relaxing the anal muscles. With our range of anal relaxing lube, you get the incredible pleasure of anal sex without the pain. Whether you’re playing with anal toys, or you’re exploring deep penetration with your partner, an anal numbing lube is a great tool to help enhance your play. If you’re looking for good anal lube, you’ve come to the right place. Indulge in backdoor adventures with our huge range of anal relaxing lube. Shop the best anal lube online now at Romantix.

Anal Lube FAQs

What’s The Difference Between Anal Lube and Normal Lube?

Although each lube provides a slippery feel and incredible sensations, there are key differences between standard lubes and anal lubes that you need to know about if venturing into anal play. The main difference with anal lube, is that anal lube tends to be thicker and longer lasting due to the non-self-lubricating properties in the anus. Unlike the vagina, the butt needs a little help. It also contains special ingredients so that it remains on the skin for longer periods of time. Another key difference is that a lot of anal lubes come specially formulated with relaxing or numbing ingredients to make penetration less painful and more pleasurable.

What Is The Best Lube For Anal Sex?

All of our anal lubes are great for anal sex. However, depending on the type of experience you’re after determines the product you will purchase. For beginners, we recommend an anal numbing lube or an anal relaxing lube to help any pain you might experience to begin with. It was also help relax the muscles naturally so that penetration becomes easier. For those experts in butt play, a water-based lube is a great wet-feeling lube that is suitable with all condoms. Silicone lubes are also great as a thicker and longer lasting lube for those who need it. However, be wary to use with condoms as they may not be suitable. If you need any help shopping for the best lube for anal sex, get in touch now.