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Textured Condoms

Increase your chances of explosive orgasms with our range of ribbed and dotted condoms. Textured condoms don’t just keep you safe, they’re focused on enhancing your pleasure when you’re getting down and dirty. Choose from dotted texture condoms, extra ribbed condoms or ribbed and dotted condoms for heightened sensations. Shop the best ribbed condoms and dotted condoms now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Textured Condoms

Ribbed and dotted condoms are a great addition to anyone’s bedside drawer to bring out in the heat of the moment. They’re specially designed to give extra stimulation to those being penetrated. Textured condoms are created with female pleasure in mind to heighten arousal and sensation whilst providing extra comfort for the wearer. Gone are the days when condoms were solely used for protection; our range of the best textured condoms not only provide great protection, but they’re also ribbed, dotted and contoured for both wearer and receiver to enjoy the bonus stimulation.

Maximize your pleasure with our texture condoms that feature strategically placed ribs and dots. Please your partner during vaginal or anal sex with our huge range of texture condom options that are ideal to use during all positions. Our ribbed and dotted condoms enhance safe sex and bring additional excitement to the bedroom leaving you feeling intensely satisfied, especially when paired with lashings of lube for slippery sensations. Some of our dotted ribbed condoms are textured on the inside too for double the satisfaction to both partners. Shop the full range of textured condoms now.

Best Ribbed Condoms

Each ridge on our range of the best ribbed condoms is carefully placed to maximize her pleasure during sex whilst ensuring protection against STIs and pregnancy. Try out ultra-ribbed condoms for even more intense sensations during sex and foreplay. Condoms with ribbed texture are designed with twists, deep ribs and more to give you an extraordinary experience.

Deep contoured condoms with ribbed texture are popular due to the enhanced feelings of pleasure and intimacy. They can take your experience from good to great with ease. Our textured condoms not only amplify arousal, but they’re also perfect for elevating safe sex and heightening pleasure to the areas that matter. Shop our ultra-ribbed condoms now for incredible sexual experiences.

Dotted Condoms

Dotted texture condoms make a great addition to any bedroom activity. The dots are specially placed to maximize pleasure and massage the areas that give you satisfaction. The raised dots are placed tactically to stimulate important areas of the vagina and clitoris to increase overall satisfaction. Some of our dotted ribbed condoms are even textured inside as well as out to boost stimulation for the wearer too.

Dotted condoms are fun to use during penetration both anally and vaginally and are also great to use when playing with sex toys. They create an intensely pleasurable experience, and our dotted condoms will leave you feeling highly satisfied. Shop now and pair with other sex toys like vibrators to heighten your pleasure even more.

Textured Condoms FAQs

How Do Ribbed And Dotted Condoms Work?

Ribbed and dotted condoms increase the friction during sex that can lead to a higher level of enjoyment for both partners. Condoms with ribbed texture can stimulate the nerves in the vagina better than non-textured condoms and create an intensely thrilling sensation during anal and vaginal sex. Dotted texture condoms can also provide great stimulation, and if you choose ribbed and dotted condoms, you’re in for a real treat.

What’s The Difference Between Ribbed Condoms & Dotted Condoms?

Ribbed and dotted condoms are designed with one purpose – to give extra pleasure whilst keeping sex safe. Ribbed condoms, extra ribbed condoms and ultra-ribbed condoms all have bumps or ridges on them to increase friction and stimulation during penetrative sex. Dotted condoms have a dot like pattern over the outside instead of ridges that create a slightly different but just as powerful sensation. Different condoms vary in texture and depth of texture to give different sensations, and some even come ribbed and dotted for earth shattering stimulation.