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Explore the intense and thrilling world of electro stimulation with our range of e-stim sex toys for unique powerful sensations. Our collection of e-stim toys and accessories give deeper stimulation to your most intimate parts. Shop the full range now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

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Create an incredibly kinky experience with our range of e-stim BDSM toys. Intensify your current BDSM plays by pleasuring and punishing as you see fit. Choose from butt plugs, probes, urethral sounds and much more to inflict the most pleasurable pain. Shock your sub to the core with our range of kinky electro stim BDSM toys.

Our range of high quality e-stim BDSM toys will not disappoint as you walk the fine line between pain and pleasure. Guaranteed to make your night unforgettable, our products have been specially designed to provide you with the best stimulation for those who love some hardcore play. The level of fun that you can have with your new electro stimulation sex toy is unmatched with these incredible toys. Shop the full range of e-stim BDSM toys now and pair with handcuffs, blindfolds and other sensation toys for a kinky night.

E-Stim Sex Toys

Our range of e-stim sex toys are perfect for solo use or to experiment with your partner. They’re a great level up for those who love intense sensations from vibrators. If you feel you’re ready for the next step, then our range of e-stim sex toys will be perfect for you. When used during solo play, you can freely enjoy a range of sensations suited for both internal and external stimulation such as our e-stim eggs or dildos. Each toy has a range of settings from a light tingle which gently stimulates your nerve endings to a more intense experience.

Bring some spark back into your sex life with our range of e-stim sex toys which can be used during partner play for some extra erotic electro stimulation sex. Not only does this give you a thrill of being sexually electrocuted, but it also feels incredible. From erotic e-stim nipple and clit clamps to anal electro stimulation sex and more we have the perfect range of e-stim sex toys for you. Anyone can benefit from e-stim sex toys, and we have toys to suit both men and women. When using our range of e-stim sex toys, you’ll leave the bedroom trembling with pleasure. Depending on your pain and pleasure threshold, you’ll find the perfect electro stimulation sex toy at Romantix. Shop now and pair with some sexy lingerie now.

E-Stim FAQs

What is Electro Stimulation Sex?

Electro stimulation (or e-stim) sex is a way of stimulating your genitals or erogenous zones through the controlled use of electrical energy. The amount of electrical energy used with e-stim sex toys is safe to use and can be the cause of incredible orgasms. E-stim sex toys are perfect for those who engage in BDSM who like bringing a little pleasurable pain to their play. However, not only are these toys perfect for BDSM, but when they are on low settings, the light tickle can gently stimulate nerve endings making this a great sensation for those with low pain thresholds.

What Does E-Stim Feel Like?

Electro stimulation sex isn’t just about pain and BDSM. Low settings can feel incredible, just like a tingle. You can easily work your way up from a tingle to a tickle, and the tickle to a firmer and more intense sensation similar to a high powered vibrator. On high settings, this may give you a light stinging sensation. When using intense e-stim sex toys internally, many say this feels similar to using a vibrating sex toy but with heightened stimulation.