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BDSM Crops

Bring a little kink into the bedroom to whip your lover into shape with our range of sex crops. Perfect for those who love some BDSM fun, pony play or just a good old spanking. Shop the full range of crop sex toys now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Fetish Crops

Kick your BDSM play up a notch with our range of BDSM crops. Perfect for adding some sensation play into your bedroom antics. For those who love the feeling of being spanked or tortured, our range of fetish crops are a great accessory for your bondage and BDSM collection. Increase arousal and indulge in your sexual fantasies in a new and exciting way with our sex crops. Go from light spanking to rough sex with ease with our BDSM crops.

Our collection of crop sex toys allow you to show your lover exactly who’s boss. Our fetish crops are perfect for incorporating into your bondage play. Pair with some sexy handcuffs, a blindfold and a vibrator and switch between pain and pleasure for the ultimate sexual anticipation.

Riding Crops For BDSM Pony Play

Bring your ultimate fetish to life with our riding crops for BDSM and pony play. Our collection of BDSM crops are the perfect accessory for your pony play fantasy. Sex crops are used to train or punish your submissive partner in pony play and create an erotic role play experience.

Our range of riding crops for BDSM and pony play will also allow you to move and position your pony in any way you like. Use other pony play accessories like leather and latex clothing, tails and more for the ultimate fetish play.

BDSM Crops

Sex crops are a great place to start if you’re not quite ready for the whip; this is due to a BDSM crop having a larger surface area than the tip of the whip. Tease before the torture by tracing the whip over your subs body before lightly spanking and working your way up to greater impacts.

If you enjoy being spanked, controlled, teased or tortured, then shop our full range of BDSM crops now. Pair with some pleasure products like butt plugs, vibrators and male masturbators for an incredibly erotic night.


What Is A Sex Crop?

A sex crop is a sex toy used in BDSM plays to inflict pain or pleasure on a person. A sex crop is generally used in bondage and BDSM play to increase arousal and create an erotic sub and dom experience. Riding crops for BDSM are also a great tool when engaging in pony play to train and discipline your pony. BDSM crop sex toys are great for increasing arousal by increasing the blood flow to your intimate areas.

How Do You Use A Sex Crop?

When first bringing in tools for impact play, it’s important to start out slow and decide on a safe word to use if things get a little too heated. Discuss the act you’re going to be taking part in and any off-limit actions. Next, start slow with the sensations by gently stroking your partner’s skin. They explore a few light taps to see how they respond. If they enjoy the taps, gradually move up to firmer motions communicating at all times that you’re both comfortable. Always spank on fleshy areas of the body below the waist (like the butt of thighs) rather than any bony or delicate areas that could cause harm.