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Sex Handcuffs

Incorporate some intimate power play and sexy anticipation into the bedroom with our range of sex handcuffs. Leave your trust and pleasure in your partners hands as you’re being teased and tantalized. Shop our full range of the best handcuffs for sex now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

Best Handcuffs for Sex

Sex handcuffs are a fabulous way of incorporating bondage into the bedroom and can lead to some of the most erotic experiences you’ve ever had. Use a pair of sexy handcuffs along with a blindfold and slapper for some intense sensory play or turn up the heat with a bullet vibe to tease their erogenous zones. With hands tied behind their back the sexual arousal and anticipation will leave them screaming for more.

Our range of the best handcuffs for sex is perfect for everyone’s bondage levels, from beginner all the way up to a BDSM veteran; no sex toy collection is complete without a pair of sex handcuffs. Get ready to tie up or be tied up for some erotic sensory play. Adding this extra level to your usual sex acts can create an incredibly fun and intimate experience for both partners.

Sex Cuffs

Not only do our sex cuffs come in the form of handcuffs, you can also try out our ankle cuffs, hog tie cuffs or spreader bar cuffs for more advanced play. Restrain or be restrained in ways you’ve only ever dreamed whilst carrying out other kinky acts. You can truly be taken away with your deepest fantasies with our wide range of sex cuffs.

Our sex cuffs come in a range of different materials and styles to suit every desire with a range of different fastenings. Whether you’re into leather handcuffs with buckles, metal BDSM handcuffs with locks, fluffy handcuffs or lace handcuffs, our range is sure to get you going. Buy sex handcuffs now for an incredibly fun and adventurous night.

Fluffy Handcuffs

Fluffy handcuffs are the best handcuffs for sex if you’re just starting out in your bondage journey. They’re fun, comfortable and make for an incredibly steamy session. The soft and delicate touch of the fur around the cuffs ensures there is less pain and more pleasure. Use on your partner who just can’t keep their hands to themselves as you take control of their pleasure.

Our fluffy handcuffs are an ideal sex accessory during intimate couples play. Every touch, kiss, caress and lick will feel even more delicious as you’re unable to control their next move; the anticipation of what will come next will leave you yearning for more. Shop the full range of fluffy handcuffs now and pair with condoms, lube and a wand vibrator for a seriously sensual evening. Buy sex handcuffs now to start your bondage journey.

BDSM Handcuffs

For those who are more experienced in bondage and BDSM, try out our BDSM handcuffs for those who want to take or lose control in the bedroom. Our range of leather handcuffs for BDSM provide a stronger restraint to increase the thrill of being tied up. The leather handcuffs tap into the kinky look of fetish and BDSM wear allowing you to let your fantasy come to life. Pair with even more fetish clothing with our leather and latex lingerie for a wild night of excitement.

Romantix has all the bondage equipment you need for a kinky night, try out our BDSM handcuffs with whips and gags for an intense fetish experience. Our range of kinky cuffs are comfortable and versatile and are the perfect bondage accessory for every toy box. Buy sex handcuffs for a wild night.

Sex Handcuffs FAQs

How Do You Use Handcuffs During Sex?

Sex cuffs are a perfect introduction to BDSM. Before starting with sex handcuffs, make sure to communicate with your partner about how you both would like to use these. Start slowly by using some sexy handcuffs to tie yours or your partners hands above your head or behind your back and take part in your usual activities. Then, try incorporating sensation play using feather ticklers, vibrators. From here, you can begin experimenting more and more.

What Type of Sex Handcuffs Should I Buy?

If you’re a beginner in restraint play, we recommend starting with sex handcuffs that are easy to remove and comfortable to wear, for example those with Velcro fastenings. If you’re more experienced, then you can opt for metal handcuffs or leather handcuffs to take it a step further. If you’re a BDSM veteran, why not explore the use of hog cuffs or spreader bar cuffs for an intense night of passion? If you need any help choosing your kinky cuffs, get in touch with our experts now.