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Sex Pillows

Take sex to incredible new levels with our range of sex pillows for enhanced positions and pleasure. Shop the range of the best sex pillows now to improve your sexual experience and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

Best Sex Pillows

Romantix is a leading supplier of sex pillows in the USA that are specially designed to help improve your sex life. Sex pillows are carefully created with your comfort in mind; they allow for easy access to certain positions that you would otherwise struggle with, and the different angles can also improve and intensify orgasms.

Our best sex pillows can be used to hit new spots with your partner or to enhance your solo play. The sex wedge pillows and cushions aim to improve the sensations felt by elevating your hips, supporting your body during certain positions or propping up certain body parts like your stomach. Because we know good sex can get a little messy, all our best sex pillows come with an easily removeable cover so that you can wash after each use.

Sex Position Pillows

Whether you’re experienced in using sex toys and equipment to get down and dirty with a partner or exploring your sexuality within yourself or your couple, a sex position pillow can be a great addition to your sex collection. They are easily storable and don’t draw too much attention if someone stumbles across it. Using a sex position pillow can induce deeper sensations and a comfortable angle for hitting your most sensitive spots. No longer do you have to suffer through awkward positions or cramping, our best sex pillows are here to help you. Shop the full range of sex position pillows now.

Sex Cushions for Solo Fun

Not only are our sex cushions for enhancing sex positions, but it can also greatly improve your solo play and masturbation sessions. Use your favorite vibrator (we recommend wand vibrators or g-spot vibrators) to enhance the sensations felt and help you to hit the spot. Or use one of our dildos and create an incredible pleasure-filled evening. Explore different positions using the sex cushion and experiment with different angles for incredible sensations.

Some of our sex cushions even come ready-made with mounts designed for your favorite sex toys. Add your wand vibrator to the sex cushion and take a seat for some solo hands-free fun. Our sex cushions are perfect for straddling and gives easy access to stimulate your genitals whether sitting or lying making them perfect for masturbation.

Sex Pillows FAQs

What Is a Sex Pillow?

A sex pillow is a firm, angled pillow that comes in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. They are specially designed to help you try out new sex positions and experience deeper penetration more comfortably. They are perfect for solo play as well as couples play and are extremely versatile for improving sex and foreplay. For example, sex wedge pillows are perfect for angling a woman’s pelvis upwards to get a deeper thrust without having to hold yourself uncomfortably.

How Do You Use Sex Pillow?

Normally when using a sex pillow, you place it under certain areas of your body to enhance certain positions. You can use a sex wedge pillow to elevate your hips or knees and thighs, you can use a sex ramp to explore different angled positions, or you can use a sex mount to use a toy for some hands-free pleasure. The key to using the best sex pillows is experimentation, try out different positions for hitting different spots and erogenous zones and find what works best for you.