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Life Size Masturbators

Life size masturbators are incredibly realistic male sex toys that look and feel just like a real butt, vagina or breasts. Whether you’re after a full size sex toy in the shape of a torso, a butt of the full body, we’ve got a life size masturbator for you. Shop now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

Life Size Male Masturbators

Our life size male masturbators are the perfect way to get off in the comfort of your own company. Choose your ideal body, whether it’s big boobs, a big butt or a certain type of vagina and let your deepest fantasy come to life. The silicone used for these life size male sex toys are made from an incredibly real feel material that allows you to close your eyes and imagine your ideal partner is beneath you. The silicone warms to body temperature quicky giving the incredible warming sensation of a real vagina or anus.

The extensive collection of life sized masturbator toys can be stored away easily and discreetly and will fit snuggly beneath your bed or in a storage closet ready to be used when the desire hits. Pair with lube and an anal vibrator for an intense solo session and create an evening you won’t forget.

Full Size Sex Toys

If you’re looking for the sensations of vaginal or anal sex, then our range of full size sex toys are perfect for you. With lifelike skin textures and sensationally textured inserts, it feels just like penetrating a real person. With a selection of full size sex toys for men, women and couples, we’re sure you’ll find the sex toy for you. Experience the delights of doggy, missionary or other with our range of life size masturbator toys.

Use one of our full size sex toys in your couples to experience adding another person to the bedroom. Experiment with three-way positions and get a feel for the experience. Load up on other sex toys, lube and lingerie for an intimate and sensual evening in.

Life Size Masturbator FAQs

How Do You Use a Life Size Male Masturbator?

To use a life size male masturbator, simply apply a generous amount of lube to the entrance of the masturbator and your penis and slowly insert your penis. Play around with the positions and tempo and find what works for you. Use a warming lube to simulate the warmth of a vagina or anus and create an incredible sensation during your solo play. Shop the full range of life sized masturbator toys now or get in touch with an expert for advice on what to buy.

How Do You Clean Life Size Masturbators?

All our life sized masturbator toys are made with delicate silicone that simulates real skin, because of this, you need to take care to wash the material properly. Start with washing the insert and the outside of the toy with warm water then use a sex toy cleaner. Leave on for the time stated and then wipe any hard-to-reach areas.

Next, leave to air dry on clean towels and store away in a clean dry place ready for the next use.