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Vibrating Male Masturbators

Vibrators aren’t just for female pleasure, when used in a male sex toy the end result can be explosive leaving anyone’s jaw dropped. The buzzing, throbbing and pulsing sensations felt with our vibrating male masturbators are incredibly pleasurable. Shop the best vibrating male masturbators now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

Best Vibrating Male Masturbators

Masturbating with your hand does a fine job, it’s warm, familiar and you can control the movements easily. However, if you want to amp up the sensations and introduce yourself to whole new levels of pleasure then browse our range of the best vibrating male masturbators in our online sex store. Once you’ve had a go with our vibrating masturbators, you won’t ever look back on using only your hand again.

The added sensation of using a vibrating male masturbator means your pleasure will be taken to new heights. With delightfully textured inserts and different levels of intensity and rhythm our collection of the best vibrating male masturbators is sure to get you off. No longer will your 5 fingers be enough to satisfy your needs. Our vibrating male masturbators aren’t just for solo play, try experimenting with your partner, too! Use a vibrating male masturbator whilst carrying out other sexual acts. Pair our vibrating male masturbators with some lube for a slippery and sensual experience.

Male Masturbation Vibrator

Our range of male masturbation vibrators are the perfect sex toy for your collection. They are easily hidden away and quiet for some discreet solo play. Whether you want to simulate the feel of a real blowjob or penetrate a realistic vibrating vagina, our range of male masturbation vibrators will fulfil your desires. Shop the full range of male masturbation vibrators now and try pairing with a prostate massager for an even more incredible experience.

You’ll find tons of different styles of the best vibrating male masturbators at Romantix with different functions and features to tip you over the edge. Choose from realistic masturbators for lifelike sensations, clear vibrating masturbators to see every thrust or vibrating strokers for enhanced hand jobs to use with your partner. Whatever you’re after, find it at Romantix.

Vibrating Male Masturbators FAQs

How Do You Use a Vibrating Male Masturbator?

First of all, make sure to apply a lot of water-based lube for easy insertion and to prevent friction. Then once you’ve penetrated, it’s up to you to play around with the vibration settings, tempo, grip and rhythm to feel what’s best for you. When you’re finished with your toy, make sure to clean the toy thoroughly by removing the insert and washing with warm soapy water. Spray with sex toy cleaner and then leave to air dry on a clean towel. Store in a cool dry place ready for the next use.

How Do You Choose The Best Male Masturbator For You?

Your perfect vibrating male masturbator depends on the sensations you’re looking for during masturbation. Our handheld vibrating masturbators are perfect for discreet solo play, whereas our more realistic vibrating male masturbators can be larger as they form the shape of a life size butt or torso.

Many of our vibrating masturbators also come with a range of different functions and settings to satisfy your needs. Whether you’re after a blowjob stimulator or just some extra vibrations to add to your normal masturbation sessions, whatever you’re after we can help. Get in touch with our experts now if you need assistance in getting your perfect toy.