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Pocket Stokers

Our pocket strokers are the perfect male sex toy to simulate the feel of real sex, a blow job and more. Our great male strokers are made from incredibly realistic feel material to help you get the most out of your masturbation and bring you to orgasm seamlessly. Shop male stokers in our sex shop now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

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Best Discreet Male Strokers

Sometimes you might want a little something extra during your solo sessions if the 5-finger shuffle is getting a little ‘meh’. Our discreet male stokers are carefully designed to be hidden away or not to be questioned if someone happens to find it in your bedside drawer. Our pocket strokers are created to be easily mistaken for a flashlight, antiperspirant or other personal product for discreet storage. Also made with travel in mind, our best discreet male strokers are perfect for vacations, work trips and romantic getaways for some nighttime (or daytime) fun.

Our range of the best discreet male strokers are affordable, feel incredible and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Depending on the feel you’re after, you can get the sensation of another person stroking or sucking your penis or you can feel just like you’re penetrating them. Pair with a lot of lube to make the sensations even more irresistible.

Realistic Male Strokers

Pick your perfect pocket stroker to look and feel just like your ideal vagina, anus or mouth. These realistic male strokers are expertly designed to give the sensation of real penetrative sex with the highest quality realistic feel material that can elevate your solo play. Our realistic male strokers are perfect for everyone with a penis, whether you like men or women.

Apply a generous amount of warming lube to simulate the warm feeling of a vagina, anus or mouth and live out your deepest fantasies. Whether it’s the delicious feeling of a mouth around your penis, the tight sensation of a butt hole or the familiar pleasure of a vagina, Romantix stocks an incredibly realistic male stroker to take you over the edge.

Shop the Best Discreet Male Strokers

Romantix stocks the best discreet male stokers in the USA. We know that your pleasure and sexual exploration shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag, and that’s why we’ve created the highest quality sex toys without a price to match. Shop our full range of the best discreet male stokers for your pleasure now and pair with a prostate massager for extra stimulation.

Pocket Strokers FAQs

What Are Pocket Strokers?

Pocket strokers are male masturbation toys that add a deeper sensation than using your hand. The range of textures can magnify the pleasure felt and create an extremely orgasmic experience. Our pocket strokers come in a range of different shapes and sizes with a range of different purposes.

All of our great male strokers come in an incredibly sensational feel material that can mimic a real person, the material stretches around your penis and tightly but comfortably gives an erotic experience. Not only does the pocket stroker feel incredible and give you a powerful orgasm, using these toys regularly can also help improve your stamina in the long run!

How Do You Use a Pocket Stroker?

Once you’ve picked out your ideal stroker, it’s important to apply some water-based lube to prevent any friction and to make penetration easier. If your pocket stroker has an insert, try submerging in warm water for a few minutes to get that body-temperature sensation!

Next, experiment with the tempo, rhythm and grip to find what makes your jaw drop. Our satisfying pocket strokers are sure to make your fantasies come true every night.

Once you’ve finished with your male stoker, make sure to clean the toy with warm soapy water and finish off with sex toy cleaner. If your toy has an insert, you can submerge in warm water and leave to air dry on a clean towel. Once fully dry, store in a cool, dry place.