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Fake Vagina Toys

Get a helping hand with your solo play with our range of fake vagina toys for men. Get the realistic look and feel of a real vagina and let your mind fantasize about your perfect woman. Shop the full range of artificial pussy’s now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

Artificial Pussy’s for Realistic Masturbation

Romantix is a leading supplier of fake vagina sex toys in the USA to assist in your solo pleasure. The realistic look and feel of these artificial pussy’s means that you can let your mind run away with the fantasy. Alternatively watch your favorite porn videos and feel like you’re right there in the action.

The real feel material used for our range of vagina sex toys gives you an even more life-like experience by mimicking the look and feel of human skin, the materials are also great at retaining heat meaning they feel naturally warm against your skin. If you want your vagina sleeve to feel even more realistic, try submerging any inserts in warm water for a few minutes before masturbation for an incredibly warm and soft sensation as you penetrate the vagina toy. You’ll never look back at hand play again after using our fake vagina toys.

Vagina Sex Toys for Men

Intensify your solo sexual pleasure with our sensational vagina sex toys. Whether you’re after a discreet and travel sized pocket pussy or you’re after something more realistic like a fake vagina sex toy with ass and all, our range of fake vaginas are sure to get you off.

These fake vagina toys allow you to satisfy your desires in incredible and fascinating ways and you can easily take your experience to the next level by browsing our extensive range to find what tickles your fancy. We stock a range of artificial pussy’s in different skin tones, labia types, sizes and functions to help you explore your own sexuality and desires. Shop now and pair with other male sex toys like vibrating cock rings or anal toys for an even more incredible sensation.

Buy Vagina Sleeves at Romantix

Vagina sleeves are a great travel sized solution to your own pleasure. Easily fit your vagina sleeve into your luggage when going on vacation, on a work trip or a romantic getaway with your partner for some guaranteed nights of pleasure and fun. Choose from small vagina sleeves or larger vagina sleeves to help you climax.

Buy vagina sleeves now to build your fantasy and ensure your pleasure every time. No longer do your masturbation sessions have to be completely manual, choose from our different styles of fake vagina toys now to experiment with positions and sensations. Not only do our vagina toys help you satisfy your needs, with regular use, they also help increase your stamina allowing longer and harder erections in future.

Fake Vagina Toys FAQs

Why Use a Vagina Sex Toy?

Sometimes you might want a little more during masturbation that doesn’t involve much imagination; fake vagina sex toys can take all the hard work out of creating your ideal fantasy by putting it right in front of your face. Just browse our huge selection of vagina toys and find the perfect artificial pussy that you like the look of.

The soft silicone used to make these fake vagina toys is specially created to look and feel like real skin and give you that incredible life-like session. Not only does the vagina toy look incredible from the outside, the canal inside feels sensational on your penis. Designed with ridges, bumps and nubs, these vagina sleeve inserts will leave your jaw dropped and your eyes rolled back.

How Do You Use a Fake Vagina?

Using a fake vagina toy is simple, just make sure you apply plenty ofwater-based lube to your penis and the opening of the vagina sleeve and slowly penetrate to discover the incredible sensations that lie ahead. To make things even more erotic, try warming the insert in some warm water before hand for a real-feel experience. Experiment with different positions and grips to find what works for you.

When you’re finished, make sure to clean the inserts with warm water and then spray with sex toy cleaner. Leave to dry naturally and store in a clean, dry place ready for your next use.