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Pornstar Sleeves

If you’ve ever watched your favorite porn video and wondered what it would be like to play with that exact vagina, now you don’t have to. Our range of pornstar pocket pussies are modeled after the most famous pornstars. Shop now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Pornstar Masturbator

Just pick out your favorite pornstar sleeve and enjoy a night with your favorite star. The look and feel of these pornstar sex toys perfectly replicate the vaginas of famous pornstars giving you an incredibly realistic experience. Your masturbation sessions will never be the same again after using one of the best pornstar masturbators.

All our best pornstar masturbators are made from ultra-realistic silicone that is soft, supple and feels like real skin. The detailed vaginal entrances make our pornstar strokers incredibly satisfying to look at as well as play with. Get the full experience now by using our pornstar sex toys and watching the porn they’re famous for. Pair a best pornstar pocket pussy with lots of warming lube for an even more realistic sensation now.

Pornstar Pocket Pussies

Experience the satisfaction of thrusting into your favorite sexy star with the palm of your hand. Our handheld pocket pussies are incredibly realistic and amazingly pleasurable leading you to powerful orgasms. These pornstar strokers are small enough to travel around with, whether you’re on vacation, on a work trip or on a romantic getaway with your other half.

Our pornstar pocket pussies are fun to experiment with no matter who you are, where you are or who you’re with. Shop the full range now for incredible sex and solo sessions.

Pornstar Male Masturbators

Whether you prefer a handheld male masturbator or want to try something a little bigger and more realistic for some visual stimulation, we have the pornstar male masturbators for you. Fulfill your fantasies with our pornstar strokers that include vaginas, torsos and sometimes even butts for some seriously life like experiences.

The real-feel silicone is incredibly soft and squeezable just like you’re with a real person, but better yet, they’re modeled after your favorite pornstar. Browse the full selection of pornstar male masturbators now for some realistic solo pleasure.

Pornstar Strokers FAQs

How Do You Clean a Pornstar Stroker?

To clean a pornstar stroker, you can remove the insert and submerge in warm soapy water if not motorized. Clean any liquids and debris from inside the stroker and around the outside then use a sex toy cleaner for extra hygiene. Leave to air dry on a clean towel and then store away in a cool, dry place. Try browsing through our sex toy storage for hygienic boxes and bags.

Do All Pornstar Male Masturbators Look & Feel Like a Real Vagina?

All our pornstar masturbators are modeled after a famous pornstar using a casting mold and then created using high quality, real-feel silicone. The masturbators are designed to feel as close to real life vaginal penetration as possible – and some say it feels even better due to the textured inserts filled with ridges, bumps and nubs for stimulating the penis. When paired with lots of >lube, you’re in for a wet and wild sensation.