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Get clean whilst feeling dirty with our collection of anal enema kits for preparing you for some backdoor fun. Shop the full range of enemas for anal sex now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Enema For Anal Sex

Enemas are a great tool to use if you’re a frequent anal player. They easily remove all the stool and debris from inside your anus to prevent any unwanted surprises during sex or play with anal toys. Our range of the best enemas for anal sex allow you to carry out thorough anal cleansing that makes way for an incredible anal play session! The enemas provide a deeper clean than douches and prevent any unwanted, mood-killing surprises during anal sex. The easy to use enemas are easy to use and provide the best clean ready for your anal ventures whether that’s through anal sex or playing with anal toys.

Let your mind be dirty as your rear is clear with our range of the best enemas for anal sex. Our home enemas let you give the back door a quick clear out whenever you need it. Our range of enemas for anal sex are highly effective at keeping you clean so that you can go about your anal sex routine without worry. Shop our huge range of the best enemas for anal sex now ready for an intimate anal play. Pair with anal toys like butt plugs and prostate massagers to elevate the fun.

Anal Enema Kits

Our range of anal enema kits make cleaning your butt extra easy and thorough. Each set has an easy-to-insert nozzle with simple to use attachments that allow you to quickly and simply flush out your anus. Whether you’re looking for simple bulb attachments or are wanting to experience a continuous stream that attaches to your shower system, our anal enema kits will ensure the best and simplest experience.

Bulb systems are great for beginners who want to control the amount of water and the speed that it gets flushed into you. Start gently and work your way up to faster and more thorough cleans. For experts who like to get the job done quicker, choose a shower anal enema kit that can attach to your standard shower systems for a deeper cleanse. Whatever your preference, shop the full range of easy anal enema kits for your next anal play.

Enema FAQs

What’s The Difference Between An Enema And A Douche?

An anal douche is designed to clean the anus as far as the rectum as you gently insert the nozzle and squeeze liquids inside. However, enemas are designed to do a much deeper clean. Enemas are similar in use but are designed to go much deeper into the anus, even as far as the colon or lower intestine. When using an enema, the bag is hung higher than the body to let gravity pull the liquid down the tube, or alternatively the tube can be attached to your shower system for a more powerful cleanse.

How Do You Use An Enema?

Use anal lube to cover the nozzle and the entrance of your anus to easily and gently glide in the enema. Lay down on a towel with your topmost leg bent and insert the nozzle 3-4 inches into the anus. Slowly allow the liquid to be inserted and wait for the enema to take effect – the anal enema kit should provide details on time scales. When you feel the urge, go to the toilet to empty your bowels.