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Wearable Vibrators

Create unforgettable nights alone or with your loved one with our range of sensual wearable vibrators perfect for wearing round the house or out in public – if that’s your thing. Shop now for free delivery on all orders over $50 and discreet packaging always.

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Best Wearable Vibrators USA

Wearable vibrators are a fun way to play with power dynamics in your relationship. Place the wearable vibrator in your underwear, vagina and anus and try and go about your day-to-day activities like cleaning the house, cooking dinner and watching TV and see how long you can handle the erotic sensations before you crumble from the pleasure. Let your partner watch as you squirm with the sensations. Your night of passion will be incredible.

Romantix stocks the best wearable vibrators for your pleasure in the USA, whether you want a hands-free solo session or some erotic and passionate couples play, our range of the best wearable vibrators will leave you wanting more and more. Our wearable women’s vibrators either come with a remote that you or your partner can control, or simple on and off buttons on the device that allows you to easily manage your pleasure. Shop our range of the best wearable vibrators now and pair with lube for easy insertion.

Discreet Wearable Vibrators for Public Play

If public play is your thing, then our discreet wearable vibrators are perfect for you. The quiet, shallow vibrations won’t draw attention whilst sitting at dinner, out for drinks or at a movie meaning you and your partner can relish the anticipation of getting home and finishing what has been started.

Our range of discreet wearable vibrators can either be placed against your clit in your underwear, inside your vagina with a clit stimulator on the outside, or in your anus. Each discreet wearable vibrator is set to give you a world of pleasure and satisfaction and is a great way to experiment outside of the house. Pair with some sexy lingerie for a truly passionate evening.

Wearable Vibrators for Sex

Add some excitement to your next sex session with our wearable vibrators for sex. Use our wearable vibrators for sex during foreplay to increase the heat whilst both yours and your partners hands are otherwise preoccupied with other sexual tasks. The vibrations will enhance your arousal whilst your hands are free to stimulate other areas of yours and your partners bodies. Shop now our full range of wearable women’s vibrators for an incredible night of passion.

Wearable Vibrators FAQs

How Do You Use A Wearable Vibrator?

Our wearable women’s vibrators come in a range of different styles, if you opt for a panty vibrator, then you can easily slip the wearable women’s vibrator between your underwear and your clit and switch on for a deeply stimulating experience. If you’re after an internal wearable vibrator, we recommend using plenty of lube before inserting into your vagina or anus and placing any external stimulators over the clitoris as instructed.

Once finished using the toy, clean with warm water and sex toy cleaner and store in a cool dry place ready for the next use.

What Wearable Vibrator is Best for Me?

The wearable women’s vibrator that is best for you depends on the type of stimulation you enjoy. If clitoral stimulation is the thing that gets you off, then our panty vibrators, finger vibrators or insertable vibrators with clitoral stimulation is a great choice. If you’re into g-spot stimulation, then try out some of our insertable vibes.

If you need help choosing your perfect wearable women’s vibrator, get in touch with our team of experts now.