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Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators are a staple in every woman’s collection, it’s easy to use, provides deep satisfaction and is incredibly reliable for your pleasure. Magic wand vibrators can be used alone, during foreplay or during sex to elevate your arousal to the next level. Shop our full range of the best wand vibrators now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

The Best Wand Vibrators for Pleasure

Magic wand vibrators have been around for decades; they were originally intended to relieve achy muscles or stiff joints. However, nowadays a wand vibrator is used for a different kind of relief. Romantix is a leading supplier of the best wand vibrators in the USA. Wand vibrators are a classic sex toy that are extremely versatile and always delivers on satisfaction. Our massage wand vibrators include a soft rounded head that sits above the handle creating an easy to grip toy that you can seamlessly control. The head of the massage wand vibrator is perfect for stimulating the clitoris and other erogenous zones during masturbation or foreplay. For some added solo play fun, pair your wand vibrator with one of our dildos or g-spot vibrators for some sensual alone time.

Our collection of the best wand vibrators is perfect for those just getting started in sex toys to those who are an expert in their own pleasure. The magic wand vibrator is a firm favorite of many with multiple vibration settings to give you the most erotic sensations. Use a body wand vibrator over yours or your partners body to turn them on or enhance sex. Our magic wand vibrators have some of the most powerful vibrations meaning they are perfect for those who struggle to reach orgasm or are after some intense stimulation. Shop the full range or small and big wand vibrators now.

Body Wand Vibrators for Intimate Evenings

Choose the right body wand vibrator for you in our huge collection. These body wand vibrators are very versatile and suitable for all genders. You can use the body wand vibrator to stimulate the nipples, clitoris, testicles and other erogenous zones to tease and tantalize and create an erotic night.

Body wand vibrators are a great addition to your bedside drawer for couples play; enjoy the deep vibrations as you run the toy over yours or your partners body to get them going. Use during penetrative sex against your favorite spots for a jaw dropping experience. Shop our full range of massage wand vibrators to enhance your love life now and pair with some sexy lingerie for a sensual night of fun.

Wand Vibrators FAQs

Can Men Use a Wand Vibrator?

Men can absolutely use a wand vibrator. These toys are so versatile that they are perfect for women, men and couples to explore and experiment. For men, hold the head against your balls or perineum’s for added sensations whilst penetrating your partner or whilst masturbating with your hand or fleshlight. You can also browse our many different wand vibrator heads that are specifically tailored towards men’s use.

How Do You Use a Wand Vibrator?

Our magic wand vibrators are perfect for stimulating your body, specifically your erogenous zones. For women, holding a small or big wand vibrator against the clitoris or around the vulva can be an orgasmic experience. For men, holding against your balls can enhance your pleasure whilst performing other sexual acts. Use with a lot of lube to prevent friction and to make the sensations even more incredible.

Our wand vibrator heads can also be swapped and changed to give you more targeted stimulation, whether you want to try a textured head, a rabbit head or a cupping head that fits snuggly around the penis. Choose your wand now for some incredible fun.