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Luxury Vibrators

Treat yourself to silky smooth, deliciously curvy and delightfully decadent luxury vibrators to take your pleasure to incredibly satisfying levels. Shop our range of high end vibrators now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Luxury Vibrators

Sometimes you just want to splurge a little on the things that give you the most joy, for many, that’s your favorite vibe. Our collection of the best luxury vibrators are made from premium materials that are sure to deliver an incredibly sensual experience. They also feature a range of functions for different purposes, whether that be clitoral stimulation, g-spot targeting or even a vibrator that alters its vibration rhythm based on your favorite music. Whatever your pleasure goals, we have a luxury vibrator to suit you.

Not only do our range of luxury vibrators feel incredible, but they also look the part, too. Featuring beautiful colors and shapes you’re guaranteed to get turned on just looking at it. Choose from incredibly stunning emerald greens, golds, deep purples and more for the best luxury vibrator for you. The high quality of these luxury vibrators mean they are in this for the long run, as long as you take care of your luxury vibrator, it will take care of you. Shop the full range of the best luxury vibrators now for an evening of bliss.

High End Vibrators

All of our high-end vibrators are designed with multiple pleasure options to stimulate a variety of different areas on your body, sometimes simultaneously. Some of our curvy high-end vibrators are incredibly accurate at hitting that hard to find g-spot whilst gently massaging your clitoris to help you reach a glorious blended orgasm. Some are even great at teasing your anus whilst stimulating other areas. Whatever your desires are, our high-end vibrators will help you get there.

The different vibration patterns and sensations are deep and sensual and can create an incredibly orgasmic experience. Our luxury vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate erogenous zones and giving optimal pleasure. Use during your masturbation sessions or let your lover in on the fun with these genius high end vibrators that everyone will love. Pair our high-end vibrators with some lube, sexy lingerie and bondage restraints to take your experience to the next level and create a night you won’t forget. We can guarantee you’ll be reaching for your new high-end vibrator every time.

Luxury Vibrators FAQs

What Is A Luxury Vibrator?

A luxury vibrator is a vibrator that’s made with extra love and attention to detail. Luxury vibrators are made with premium materials to ensure a soft, smooth and incredibly sensation experience. When splurging on a luxury vibrator, you’re getting more for your money with the many different functions that you can seamlessly control as your arousal heightens. The vibrator fits easily in your hand to explore your body and comes in beautifully decadent colors that anyone will love.

How Do You Care For a Luxury Vibrator?

Before and after each use, we recommend gently wiping the vibrator with warm water and then spritzing with sex toy cleaner. This will ensure it harbors no bacteria and is safe to use each time. However, do not submerge your luxury vibrator in water (unless the information states it is waterproof), as this could damage the motor.

Store your luxury vibrator in a cool, dry place preferably a storage bag. If you need any help with the care for your toy, please get in touch with one of our experts now.