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G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot vibrators feature a curved design with a wider tip that easily hit that hard-to-reach spot that is responsible for deep and delicious orgasms. Our range of the best g-spot vibrators make it possible for you to find your g-spot and explore ways that increase your arousal and bring you to climax. Shop top g-spot vibrators at Romantix now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

Best G-Spot Vibrators

Romantix is a leading supplier of g-spot vibrators in the USA specifically for female pleasure. The specially designed shape and powerful vibrations mean this sex toy can give you maximum stimulation and help you reach that sought after g-spot orgasm. Made with amazing quality materials, our range of small and large g-spot vibrators will let you explore your sexuality and create an orgasmic sensation. Located on the inner front wall of the vagina, the g-spot sits waiting to be stimulated. You can hit this spot in certain sex positions, but if you really want to make your jaw drop, then longer, firmer and more repetitive strokes with one of our top g-spot vibrators are needed to reach climax.

Our top g-spot vibrators are the perfect choice in helping you get ‘there’, some of our g-spot vibrators even come with a clitoral stimulator for higher chances of reaching orgasm. Use a lot of lube to slip in your new g-spot vibrator and play around with the vibrations, power settings and strokes to find what works best for you. Shop our range of the best g-spot vibrators now.

Shop Top G-Spot Vibrators

Our affordable range of top g-sport vibrators means that no one must go without pleasure. With multiple functions, shapes, sizes and materials our g-spot vibrators are perfect for anyone. Pair with a clit vibrator for extra stimulation or use during foreplay with your partner.

Our g-spot vibrators don’t scrape on quality, each toy is specially made to give you incredible pleasure with its wide, curved tip and easy to hold handle where you can seamlessly change the vibration settings to suit your arousal level. Shop the full range of the best g-spot vibrators at Romantix now.

Large & Small G-Spot Vibrators

We have a huge collection of small and large g-spot vibrators to suit your preference. Our small g-spot vibrators are discreet enough to hide away in your sock drawer and small enough to fit in your luggage for romantic weekends away, work trips or vacations. They’re easy to use so perfect for beginners and although mini, can give you strong, targeted stimulation. Satisfy your desires with our small g-spot vibrators now.

Large g-spot vibrators are perfect for more advanced sex toy users, they fit nicely inside your vagina and are easy to hold and control. We recommend warming up with an external vibrator or your fingers and applying lots of lube. Shop large g-spot vibrators now for next level pleasure.

G-Spot Vibrators FAQs

How Do You Use a G-Spot Vibrator?

Before diving straight in with a g-spot vibrator, it’s a good idea to explore your body with your fingers to find exactly where your g-spot is. The sensitivity of this spot becomes more intense the more aroused you are, so play with your clitoris to bring yourself to orgasm and then slide your finger inside you a couple of inches. Once inside, curl your fingers backwards and feel around until you get a pleasurable feeling.

Next, start slowly with a lot of lube and slide in your g-spot vibrator a couple of inches inside your vagina and press the curved tip against the front wall of the vagina. You may want to play around with pressure and angles until you hit the right spot.

How Do You Clean a G-Spot Vibrator?

We recommend never submerging your motorized toy in water as this can cause water damage. Instead, use soap and a damp cloth to wipe the toy clean, then use a sex toy cleaner for extra hygiene.

Leave your g-spot vibrator to dry on a clean towel and then store in a cool, dry place.