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Bullet Vibrators & Egg Vibrators

Bullet and egg vibrators may be small, but they definitely pack a punch! Bullet and egg vibrators are perfect for masturbation, foreplay and sex proving good things do come in small packages. Shop the full range of the best bullet vibrators and egg vibrators and get free deliver over $50 with discreet packaging.

Best Bullet Vibrators

Our range of the best bullet vibrators are small and discreet making them the perfect travel sized pal. Take your small bullet vibrator away with you by slipping it into your purse or your pocket so that you can experience guaranteed pleasure no matter where you are. These incredible vibrators are not only great for satisfying women, but men can also benefit from a little bullet action too. By tracing the bullet vibrator around his erogenous zones or placing on his balls, at the base of his penis or around his anus, you can create an extremely erotic sensation whilst performing other sexual acts like oral. Shop our range of the best bullet vibrators for his and her pleasure now.

These small bullet vibrators are an extremely popular sex toy for women due to their discreet shape and size that can be stashed away in your drawer, in a sock or even your pocket. Not to mention they’re incredibly quiet to not draw suspicion from your housemates or family members in the next room. Shop around the best bullet vibrator for your budget now and get in touch with one of our experts if you need any guidance on the best sex toy for you.

Best Egg Vibrators

Our range of the best egg vibrators are easy to conceal and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. These small egg-shaped vibrators are incredible for internal and external stimulation making them extremely versatile and a great addition to your toy collection. Use alongside other sex toys like dildos, strap-ons and anal toys for some exciting action.

Our collection of egg-shaped vibrators is also the perfect sex toy for couples starting out the world of sex toys. As most of our egg vibrators come with a wireless remote, you can hand over the remote to your partner and leave your pleasure in their hands, literally. Pop the egg vibrator inside your vagina or against your clitoris and let your partner take control taking in your facial expressions and reactions to the work they’re doing. It’s an incredibly intimate and erotic way to play. Shop our range of the best egg vibrators for couples play now.

Bullet And Egg Vibrators FAQs

How Do You Use a Bullet Vibrator?

Because of the shape and size of a bullet vibrator, there are many ways to use one as part of your solo play, foreplay or sex session. Holding a bullet vibrator over your clitoris can intensely enhance your pleasure, whether this is during masturbation or with your lover. Apply a generous amount of lube and hold the vibrator over your clitoris for a powerful experience.

For men, run the bullet vibrator over your nipples, balls and anus to amplify your arousal. You can even hold at the base of your penis during hand jobs or blow jobs that can lead to incredibly explosive orgasms.

How Do You Use an Egg Vibrator?

Egg shaped vibrators are also extremely versatile, as many come with a wireless remote, you can easily control your own pleasure seamlessly. This also makes the egg vibrator perfect for couples play! Hand the remote over to your partner and give them control of making you orgasm. This can be an incredibly passionate experience.

Because of the egg shape, you can also use this vibrator internally or externally making it perfect for public play.