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Discreet Vibrators

For those who live with housemates or family and want to enjoy the incredible sensations of a vibrator in a more low-key way, then our range of discreet vibrators are a great option. Shop our range of the best discreet vibrators now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging always.

Best Discreet Vibrators for Women

Romantix is home to the best discreet vibrators for women that are specially designed to be easily hidden away or disguised as another item; perfect for those who want to keep their little pleasure pal top secret! Our discreet vibrators can be hidden away in your drawer, in a sock, in your purse or in your pocket so that those nosy family members or friends won’t accidentally stumble across it. Shop the most discreet vibrators for women to be on hand whenever you need it now.

Even though our most discreet vibrators are usually small and compact, this doesn’t mean the power behind it is any less impressive than our not-so-discreet sex toys. Our discreet vibrator toys come with a range of functions, rhythms, patterns and intensities so that you can get off discreetly and quietly. Whether you prefer internal or external stimulation, we have the best discreet vibrator toy for you.

Best Quiet Vibrators

If you have pretty thin walls in your shared apartment or parents’ house, then our quiet vibrators are the solution you need to be able to satisfy your needs without notice – we just recommend keeping the moaning to a minimum too! Our range of the best quiet vibrators are specially created with quieter motors that are made to muffle the noise of the vibrations without taking away from the sensations you feel. These are perfect for any discreet play time, whether you’re alone or with a partner.

Our discreet and quiet vibrators come in the form of egg and bullet vibrators, wand vibrators and wearable vibrators to give you discreet satisfaction. Wearable vibrators are great for discreet pleasure outside of the house, and bullet vibes will get you and your partner off seamlessly. Pair the best quiet vibrators with lots of lube for an incredibly erotic (and quiet) evening.

Most Discreet Vibrators

Our range of the most discreet vibrators are perfect for travel. Pop in your purse for easily accessible pleasure when you need some down time on a work trip. Or if you’re away with family and want a little you time in the evening. Whatever the reason you want to disguise your pleasure, we have the most discreet vibrators to help. Shop now and pair with a dildo for some even more intense solo play.

Discreet Vibrators FAQs

How Do You Discreetly Masturbate with a Vibrator?

Just because our vibrators are discreet and quiet, doesn’t take away from the pleasure you feel. You may be stopping at your parents house or living with a roommate and aren’t sure how to masturbate discreetly with a vibrator, here, we’ll walk you through some tips.

Try masturbate in the shower with a waterproof discreet vibrator. The running shower can hide the vibrations even more and is a great time to masturbate knowing no one will disturb.

Instead of watching porn, try reading an erotic novel to turn yourself on. There’s no noise involved and can be just as arousing. Use alongside your quiet vibrator and you’re good to go.

Try not to moan. As much as moaning may amp up your experience, try the quiet game during masturbation to avoid anyone hearing whilst using your discreet vibrator.