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Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are a simply satisfying sex toy that’s a staple in most people’s sex collections. But have you ever tried the satisfying sensations of a smooth glass dildo? Explore the intriguing and exciting Shop the best glass dildos now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

Best Glass Dildos For Temperature Play

Discover the unique sensations of smooth glass dildos during your solo play or sex with a partner to bring your experience to a whole new level. Cool down or heat up your standard glass dildos in water before your play for incredibly thrilling experiences. Temperature play with our range of the best glass dildos can fulfil your sex life with exhilarating sensations that can’t be replicated with any other sex toy. Our range includes glass wand dildos, clear glass dildos, tinted glass dildos, ribbed glass dildos, standard glass dildos and more. Pair our smooth glass dildos for sale with your favorite lube for silky experiences.

Temperature play is an ever-growing type of sexual desire that includes objects being used to stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors for heat and cold that increase arousal and sensitivity. To play with cooling sensations, submerge your realistic glass dildo or your glass anal dildo into cool water or leave in the fridge for 10 minutes before you use it. You can then use the realistic glass dildo to trace over your lovers’ erogenous zones for spine tingling teasing or insert inside and feel the dildo warm with your body heat for an unreal sensation. Alternatively, for warming sensations, submerge your standard glass dildo in some warm water and use to stroke, tease or penetrate for some erotic fun. Make sure to always test the temperature before play! Shop our full range of the best glass dildos for sale now to start your temperature play journey now.

Ribbed Glass Dildo

Not only do our ribbed glass dildos feel incredible, but they also look beautiful and wouldn’t look out of place on display out of the bedroom! Ribbed glass dildos are designed with strategically placed ridges and bumps round the shaft to enhance pleasure and stimulation during penetration. These ridges increase the friction felt during penetration which heightens arousal.

Our high quality ribbed clear glass dildos can be used to reach new heights of pleasure and are perfect for stimulating the g-spot. Ribbed wand dildos sensually create incredible sensations when traced over your body, clitoris, vulva and nipples during foreplay or masturbation. You can even use our ribbed glass dildos for extra stimulation during anal play for those experienced anal adventurers.

Glass Anal Dildos

For those who enjoy exploring the back door, why not try out a glass anal dildo for exhilarating sensations? Glass anal dildos are perfect for solo play or partnered sex for those who love experimenting with temperature play. If you’re experienced in anal play, then our glass anal dildos are the ideal next step in your play. The cooling, warming and rigid properties of these anal toys will leave you utterly satisfied. Pair our glass anal dildos with some anal lube for an incredible anal experience.

Realistic Glass Dildos

If you’re looking for a dildo that gives you the incredible sensations of glass along with the look of a real penis, then our realistic glass dildos are perfect for you! The smooth yet rigid feel of the realistic glass dildo will help you reach an incredible orgasm as it stimulates your g-spot. Shop our range of glass dildos for sale now and try pairing with vibrators and warming lube for even more lustful sensations.

Glass Dildos FAQs

How Do You Use A Glass Dildo?

When using a glass dildo, you can use just like regular dildos. You can use them to internally stimulate yourself or your partner during sex, foreplay or masturbation. Glass dildos are great for those who enjoy temperature play as they can be easily cooled or warmed before use. The smooth glass is also a huge benefit of using a glass dildo as they feel incredible traced over the body as well as internally. If you’re using a glass anal dildo, we recommend warming up with some anal lube and smaller anal sex toys like butt plugs as the glass anal dildo is more rigid.

Are Glass Dildos Safe?

Due to the thickness of the glass used with our glass wand dildos, realistic glass dildos, ribbed glass dildos etc. there is no unsafe reason not to use them. The thickness of the high-quality glass is extremely durable and will not break when using a glass dildo. If there is any compromises to the glass dildo, it will be very clear by looking at it.