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Vibrating Dildos

Our vibrating dildos are designed to give you the realistic sensation of being penetrated with an added buzz. Our incredibly pleasurable vibrating dildos come in a variety of colors, sizes and functions to suit everyone’s desires. Shop now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Vibrating Dildos

Romantix stocks the best vibrating dildos in the USA to satisfy your craving for some intense pleasure. Our vibration dildos are the perfect women’s sex toys for those who benefit from g-spot stimulation. When positioned in the right way, you can enjoy some exciting sensations to your sensitive areas, and why not try adding in a clit vibrator to see if you can reach that sought-after blended orgasm?

Our range of the best vibrating dildos come with a range of multi-speed vibrations, pulse patterns and textured shaft details to give you the most intense sensations to help you reach climax. The different colors, shapes, sizes and girths mean that everyone can benefit from a vibration dildo. Whether you’re into the realistic dildos or want to try out a pink or purple option, there’s a vibrating dildo for you in our online sex store. Shop the best vibrating dildos for you now.

Large Vibrating Dildos

For the more experienced sex toy enthusiasts, why not try out a large vibrating dildo? These are sure to give you an experience you won’t forget. Play around with positions and vibrations and let your whole body take in the incredible sensations. Pair with lots of warming lube for an incredibly erotic experience.

Large vibrating dildos are a great addition to any sex toy collection, not only do they hit all your sensitive areas, but they also give off incredible vibration sensations that no other toy can match. Pair with butt plugs, nipple clamps and wand vibrators to hit all the right spots and get ready for an incredible orgasm. Let your partner in on the fun too by having them use the dildo on you or use the dildo on them. The fun that you can have with a large vibrating dildo is endless. Shop now to get in on the fun!

Vibrating Dildo FAQs

How Do You Use a Vibrating Dildo?

Before getting started with your vibration dildo, make sure to warm your body up. Read some erotic fiction, watch some porn, or begin to play with yourself – whatever it is that get’s you heated up. Then you can start running the vibrating dildo over your body to get a feel for the vibrations and to turn you on even more.

Next, apply a generous amount of lube to the dildo and your vagina to amp up the experience and prevent any friction. Play with the vibrations and rub the toy against your clitoris, around your labia and then eventually inside your vagina. Experiment with different positions and intensities for an incredibly erotic sensation.

Why Should I Get a Vibrating Dildo?

Vibrating dildos are extremely versatile. You can use them externally as well as internally for some incredible experiences. They are great for solo masturbation, foreplay or sex with your partner. Everyone can benefit from including a vibrating dildo in your sex toy collection.