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Giant Dildos

Some people believe bigger really is better. Whether it’s a double dildo, extra girthy dildo or extra long dildo, Romantix stocks the supersized sex toy that would be perfect for you. Shop our range of huge dildos now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

Big Dildos for Sale

Our range of giant dildos can range from 6 inches all the way up to an incredible 16 inches to play with. That leaves a whole lot of room for exploration and experimentation in the bedroom. These giant dildos require dedication, determination and a lot of lube, so if you’re up for the challenge, shop our range of large dildos that are sure to fill you up.

There are many different types of big dildos for sale at Romantix, whether you’re into some double penetration or intense vaginal stimulation, we’ve got a big dildo to satisfy your desires. Oure large dildos come with extra girth, extra length or both to provide maximum pleasure for whatever gets you going, if a big D is what you’re after, you’ll find exactly what you need right here in our online sex store.

Huge Dildos for Sex

Our large dildos are great for solo play or shared pleasure. You or your partner (or even both of you) may be into the extra-large penetration. Our double-sided huge dildos for sex are perfect for those in lesbian relationships or those who enjoy some double penetration. Either slip an end into both yours and your partners vaginas or anuses and get thrusting simultaneously for intense pleasure.

Play around with our range of huge dildos for sex and experience a night you won’t forget. Our big dildos are perfect for foreplay and sex with your partner, just let your mind run wild and see what sexual exploration you can experience. Large dildos are for those experienced in sex toys and dildos and want to take their solo play to the next level. Be wary not to jump straight to giant dildos if you’re a beginner! Before getting started with these big dildos, make sure you’re warmed up, lubed up and mentally prepared for some intense filling up. Pair with lube,vibrators and bondage gear for some incredibly erotic and kinky play.

Giant Dildos FAQs

How Do You Use a Giant Dildo?

Warm up with some foreplay or masturbation (we recommend some erotic fiction with a clit vibrator or wand vibrator to get you hot under the collar), you may also want to first use smaller toy such as regular dildos to gently stretch and relax your vagina. Once you’re ready, apply plenty of lube to the toy and your vagina. Start inserting the huge dildo slowly, inch by inch, and once comfortably inside, you can continue to ride, thrust and explore different tempos as you like. Once finished, clean your large dildo with warm water and a sex toy cleaner ready for the next use.

How Do You Choose The Best Giant Dildo For You?

You may be feeling like your normal sized dildo just isn’t cutting it anymore, and you want to try your hand at a giant dildo to give you a more intense experience. Well, Romantix stocks every type of large dildo you could want. Whether you feel like a thicker dildo is what you need, then take a look at our girthy dildos that can give you as much as 5 inches of girth. Or if a longer dildo is what you’re looking for to get even deeper, then our dildos can range right up to 16 inches. Shop our range of big dildos for sale now.

If you’re unsure on what you want, get in touch now and one of our experts will help you pick your perfect large dildo.