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Flexible Dildos

Sporting soft shafts and allowing flexible movements, our range of bendable dildos are perfect for everyone. Choose from realistic skin bendable dildos for a lifelike experience or choose a brightly colored pleasure pal for some sensual stimulation. Sop our range of the best flexible dildos in the USA for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Flexible Dildos For Beginners

Due to their firm yet flexible finish, our range of flexible dildos are perfect for anyone starting out with their sex toy journey. They offer realistic stimulation and are perfect for external and internal play. Bend the dildo in a way that stimulates your favorite area and apply plenty of lube to enjoy the delicious sensations. Our range of bendable dildos enhance your solo play by allowing you bend and position the dildo in any way you like. Angle the shaft to stimulate your g-spot during penetration whilst using a vibrator for that sought after blended orgasm or bend it round and apply a lot of lube to rub against your clitoris and vulva during external play. The possibilities are endless with our flexible dildos.

Our flexible dildos are extremely easy to use and so are perfect for beginners and even couples play. Bend your dildo in a position that suits you and explore the different sensations that they can give. We have a range of different sizes, colors and girths to satisfy everyone. Browse our full collection of flexible dildos now.

Bendable Double Dildos

Bendable double dildos are perfect for those who like to engage in double penetration. Whether it’s vagina-vagina penetration, vagina-anus penetration or anus-anus penetration our bendable double dildos are the perfect sex toy to assist. They’re perfect for double penetration with a partner or during solo play if you’re an expert in kinky play. Simply bend the double dildo round into a U shape so that it can easily penetrate both your vagina and anus at the same time.

Our bendable double dildos come in a range of materials from silicone to jelly to get the most out of your flexible toy. These materials mean that the bendable double dildo can be bent into any shape that allows for easy penetration. There’s something for everyone in our collection of bendable double dildos, shop now and pair with some sexy lingerie or fetish wear for a kinky evening of double penetration.

Flexible Dildos FAQs

How Do You Use A Flexible Dildo?

Flexible dildos are extremely versatile and are great for beginners. The flexibility means that you can position them in any way that you like to stimulate areas of your body that you like. The flexibility also means that the dildo is soft rather than rigid during penetration. Use externally by angling the shaft to stimulate your full vulva and clitoris and applying a generous amount of lube or use internally by curving the tip to stimulate your g-spot.

How Do You Clean Bendable Dildos?

Bendable dildos are easy to clean. Simply wash with warm water and gentle soap or sex toy cleaner and then leave to air dry on a clean, dry towel. Store away in a cool, dry place ready for the next use.