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Inflatable Anal Toys

If you’re in need of a level up from your standard butt plugs, then our range of inflatable anal toys are just what you need. Starting small, our inflatable butt toys grow gradually giving you a more satisfying ‘full-up’ feeling. Shop the full range of inflatable butt plugs, dildos and vibratos now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

Inflatable Butt Toys

Butt plugs are fabulous anal sex toys that give you incredible back door stimulation and can lead to intense full body orgasms. But sometimes, you may find that the sensations aren’t what they used to be, and you can find yourself feeling a little tired of the same old same old. Enter our inflatable anal sex toys. Our inflatable anal toys compete with even the largest butt plug you might own. And the best thing is, you can control the size of your new inflatable anal sex toy with the accompanying remote or pump.

Not only are our inflatable anal sex toys perfect for those needing a little something extra during their anal adventures, but they are also a great sex toy for those in the training stages of anal play. Once you’ve had a taster of the sweet sensations of anal penetration, you’ll want to dive deeper into what else can stimulate you in the same way – or even better! Our inflatable butt toys let you slowly increase the size of the toy at your own pace. Just apply a generous amount of lube and then slowly insert into your anus and get pumping.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Our inflatable butt plugs grow to impressive sizes to suit every experience level. They’re made with high-quality medical grade materials that are stretchy enough to withstand the amount of air you require to get full satisfaction. Our wonderful range of butt inflatables are the perfect anal sex toy for anyone interested in anal play.

Inflatable butt plugs are great for anyone who is interested in trying butt plugs, but are putt off by their size, shape or materials. This is where butt inflatables come in handy. As small as they are to start out, you should have no trouble inserting. When aroused and when a lot of lube is applied, slowly insert the tip of the inflatable anal plug until comfortable before pumping to an idea size.

Inflatable Anal Toys FAQs

How Do You Use Inflatable Anal Toys?

Using inflatable anal sex toys are almost identical to using a regular anal toy. We recommend a great amount of anal lube to help relax the muscles and provide an easier entrance. If your inflatable anal toy is made of silicone, you’ll want to avoid using silicone lubes. We also recommend engaging in some foreplay or masturbation beforehand as arousal helps to relax the muscles around your anus. When you’re ready, try using a finger of two to begin stretching your anus before moving onto the inflatable anal plug. Start slowly and only go as far as feels comfortable. Stop if you need to for a rest before moving on. Once the inflatable anal plug is inside you and is comfortable, you can begin inflating if this is what you desire.

Can Inflatable Butt Plugs Pop Inside Me?

The muscles inside your rectum are extremely elastic to account for the inflation of your butt plug. And in most cases, you’ll reach the point where you want to stop inflating long before the point in which the inflatable anal plug will pop. However, it’s always good practice when you first receive any inflatable butt toy to inflate outside of your anus to make sure they aren’t compromised. You’ll be able to tell if your plug is faulty due to it not inflating properly.