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Anal Douches

Get yourself prepared for your night of anal play with our range of anal douches to keep you and your partner squeaky clean and comfortable. Shop the full range of anal douches for men and women now and get free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Anal Douches For Anal Sex

Cleanse your anus ready for a hot and sexy night of anal play using an anal douche. Anal douches are the perfect tool for anyone who engage in anal sex or who use anal toys during solo play or foreplay. They cleanse the inside of the anus to remove any unwanted surprises from appearing in the midst of your play and make the experience overall more hygienic and cleaner.

By removing any possible surprises, yourself and/or your partner can relax knowing that your play will remain fun and intimate. Anal douching is perfect for all types of anal play, whether it be from the use of anal toys like butt plugs and prostate massagers, or from anal sex or from oral stimulation. Whatever anal activity you’re engaging in, using anal douche can make the experience more pleasant. Shop the full range of anal douches for men and women now.

Gay Anal Douche

Anal douches should be a staple in any gay man’s personal hygiene collection. They’re great for allowing you to fulfil all of your anal fantasies without worry of unpleasant surprises. They come in a range of different sizes and shapes to suit all levels of experience and are very simple to use for if you’re a first timer.

Gay anal douches make any anal experience incredibly fun. They clean out the anus of any stool that may make a surprise appearance once you start inserting toys or body parts into it. When douching, you flush out all the unwanted stuff that can turn your experience from incredible to crap (literally) in a matter of minutes. It can make you feel more confident about your sexual venture as you prevent any potential mess. Shop the full range of gay anal douches for men now for the best anal experience.

Female Anal Douche

Our anal douches are also perfect for women who love engaging in some anal play. Female anal douches leave you clean and raring to go. They’re easy to use, comfortable and can even provide some pleasure to warm you up for your play time.

Begin your anal experience feeling confident and ready to play with our range of female anal douches. Choose your favorite anal toy for some fabulous foreplay or solo play and pair with lots of anal lube for an incredible night. For simultaneous external stimulation pair with a vibrator.

Anal Douches FAQs

What Is An Anal Douche?

An anal douche is a tool used by people who engage in anal sex and anal play. They act as a cleaner to remove any stool from the anus leaving it ready for a hygienic and clean experience. It works by fludhing water through the anus before expelling it leaving the anus clean.

How Do You Use An Anal Douche?

Once you’ve chosen your perfect anal douche, we also recommend using a little anal lube on the tip of nozzle and around your anus so it’s easier and more comfortable to insert. Fill the bulb with tepid water (we recommend testing the temperature on sensitive skin first). Then, position yourself on the toilet and slowly insert the tip until comfortable. Squeeze the bulb slowly to flush the water into your anus. Pay attention to how your body reacts to the pressure and speed of the water and adjust accordingly. Remove the anal douche and then wait for your natural response to expel it, then repeat again until the water runs clear.