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Anal Douche and Enema Kits

Get prepared for a sexy night of butt play by douching with an anal cleanse before sex for a squeaky clean butt. An anal cleaner will make sure you don't come in contact with poop, which may ruin your experience, so you can enjoy anal play or using a butt plug.

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What Is An Anal Douche?

An anal douche enema is a type of cleansing product or sex toy that flushes tap water through the anus, then expels it, leaving your butt clean and free of stool. These awesome products are used before various types of butt play including anilingus, anal sex, and anal fisting. Douching can be used anally, however, using a vaginal douche is more rare. Anal douching is also referred to as an anal douche enema bulb kit.

Anal Douches For Anal Sex

These kits can be purchased as commercial products for all butt types.

Type of Douching Kit

There are 3 main types of douching devices:

Anal Douching Bulb

An anal douche bulb is the most common type. They feature a flexible nozzle that is inserted in the anus and flexible enema bulbs (or rubber bulb) that is filled with plain water to release the liquid. Comes with a reusable rubber bulb.

Shower Water Douche

This type of shower enema comes in a kit, featuring a nozzle attachment, and a hose that attaches to your existing shower head or bathtub tap. This offers a consistent flow and pressure of lukewarm water for deeper cleaning.

Enema Bags

This type of system is also called a Fleet Enema Rectal Douching Kit. It uses a bag or hot water bottles, filled with warm water and hung from a hook, and a long tube with an attached nozzle that is inserted in the anus to fill the rectum with liquid. An enema bag usually comes with a flow control clamp adapter. Our favorite is the Clean Stream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit.

How Do You Use An Anal Douche Bulb?

Follow this step-by-step method for easy and safe rectal douching practices to lessen the risk of injury before anal play.

1. Have a bowel movement first.

2. Get your butt ready and clean your anus opening in the shower.

3. Lube up your butt hole and anally masturbate with your finger. Use lots of lube on the nozzle before inserting it.

4. Do a quick rinse of all parts of your kit inside and out.

5. Check the water temperature, and then fill the bulb with warm water (not hot!) and do not use vinegar or another other solution.

6. Get into position. Squatting over the toilet is best.

7. Slowly and carefully, ease the lubed douche nozzle about 2/3 of the way into the anus. Make sure to breathe deeply and relax when inserting the nozzle. Give yourself plenty of time and don't rush.

8. Gradually squeeze the bulb, so the forcing of water fills your anal canal until you feel full. Hold for 30 seconds and then expel contents into the toilet.

9. Repeat once if necessary.

10. Aftercare: Take a shower afterwards to clean up.

Anal Douches FAQs

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