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Anal Probes

Tease and tantalize all those neglected anal nerve endings with our range of extremely pleasurable anal probes. These incredible anal sex toys will leave you feeling extremely satisfied, and we have the perfect collection whether you are a beginner or expert in anal adventures. Shop the full range of the best anal probes now for free delivery over $50.

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Best Anal Probe Sex Toys

Romantix is a leading supplier in anal probes in the USA online. We stock a range of sizes and shapes to suit everyone no matter their experience level or desires. Choose from small and slim silicone anal probes for beginners or check out our extra-girthy or extra-long anal probes for those who like a filled-up fulfilment. Whatever your desire, we have the best anal probe sex toys for you.

Our glass anal probes are great for those who love engaging in some temperature play. The naturally cool glass slowly warms to your body temperature creating a unique and satisfying feeling. Simply apply a generous amount of anal lube and let the fantasy take you away on an erotic journey of anal discovery. Our best anal probe sex toys are an incredible addition to anyone’s sex toy collection. Both men and women can enjoy the delights of anal sex or anal masturbation and including this in your sexual encounters can lead to bigger and more intense orgasms. Shop our range of the best anal probes for sale now.

Anal Probes for BDSM

Whatever your kink, we have an anal probe for you. Our anal probes for BDSM are an incredible addition to your playroom and can induce extreme pleasure and arousal for everyone involved. Choose from anal hooks, extra-long anal probes, large silicone anal probes or expanding anal probes to tease the fine line between pain and pleasure.

Our full range of anal probes for BDSM is designed specifically for those who love to experiment in the bedroom and push the boundaries of sex and pleasure. Shop our range of anal probes for BDSM now and pair with some fetish clothing or accessories like nipple toys or vibrators for the complete package. Shop our full range of BDSM anal probes for sale now.

Anal Probes FAQs

What Is An Anal Probe?

Anal probe sex toys are usually slim, slender sex toys that are specially designed to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings found in the anus to help you reach a powerful orgasm. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and some even vibrate or expand to give you even more stimulation. Browse our range of anal probes for sale now and get in touch with one of our experts if you have any questions!

How Do you Use An Anal Probe Sex Toy?

Anal probes are used similar to other anal toys like butt plugs and prostate massagers. Firstly, make sure the area is clean by douching, emptying the bowels and taking a hot shower to help keep the outside clean and warm up the muscles. Next, grab your anal probe and apply a generous amount of anal lube over it as well as the entrance of your anus. However, of your anal probe is quite large or you’re using an extra-long anal probe, we recommend warming up with smaller anal sex toys like anal kits beforehand. Gently and slowly insert the probe in a position that feels most natural until you feel comfortable. Once inside, you can continue with other sexual activities and experience heightened pleasure all round.