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Anal Toys

If you’re looking for the next sex toy to add to your collection, why not try out some backdoor satisfaction? Our range of the best anal toys can take your solo play or sex with your partner to whole new heights. Romantix stocks anal sex toys for all desires, whether you’re into some p-spot stimulation or want to start your exploration with some anal beads. Shop our full range of the best anal toys and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging.

Best Anal Toys for Everyone

If you’re a man who has yet to try out butt stuff, you’re missing out on a world of pleasure and the opportunity to experience earth-shattering orgasms. Our sex toys for anal can help you stimulate the thousands of nerve endings found in the anal canal that can result in some incredibly erotic pleasure. Not to mention the anus is where the prostate (famously known as the male g-spot) is located which, when stimulated, can result in intense, full body orgasms. Shop our range of butt sex toys now from butt plugs to prostate stimulators now.

Anal play has become a popular way to experiment in the bedroom and can be an extremely pleasurable experience. Even though women may not have a prostate, the sensations that can come from anal play are incredible and can even help you reach orgasm. Whether you want to experiment in your own time by slipping in a butt plug whilst carrying out daily activities such as housework, or you’re interested in trying out our sex toys for anal within your relationship to bring a bit more adventure into the bedroom, check out the best anal sex toys for you now.

Anal Sex Toys for Beginners

If you’re new to anal toys, we have plenty of anal toys for beginners. Many of our products are perfect for starters, like small butt sex toys or anal beads. Our anal toys for both men and women mean that you can take part in butt fun without the daunting feeling.

Whether you’re wanting to experiment alone or with your partner, we recommend warming yourself up first before starting with anal play. Engage in some foreplay or masturbation before applying a generous amount of lube to your anal sex toys for beginners and slowly insert for some comfortable and stimulating fun. Shop the full range of the best anal sex toys for beginners now.

Anal Toys For Experts

For those who are more advanced in anal play, why not take it to the next level with our larger or girthier anal toys? Not to be taken lightheartedly, these butt sex toys should only be used by those who have engaged in anal play previously.

Our anal toys go all the way up to an incredible 19 inches for that intense penetration from your deepest fantasies. These anal sex toys are a great way of pushing yourself or your partner to the limit, so shop now alongside some other bondage gear for your next erotic date night. Shop our range of sex toys for anal now.

Anal Sex Toys FAQs

How Do You Use Anal Toys?

To begin using your anal sex toys, it’s important to get yourself clean beforehand. We recommend making sure you’ve used the bathroom that day to reduce the risk of any unwanted surprises during penetration, and it’s a great idea to have a bath or shower prior to the play for extra cleanliness. You can also use an anal douche to flush your anus 45 minutes before.

Next, apply a generous amount of anal lube to the toy and the outside of your anus to reduce the risk of friction and tears. Engage in foreplay or masturbation to warm yourself up, and when you’re ready, begin experimenting with the toy in and around your butt. Start slowly and find what works best for you.

How Do You Clean Anal Sex Toys?

To clean your anal toys, use warm water to remove any debris and then a sex toy cleaner for extra hygiene. Leave to air dry or dry with a clean towel and store in a clean, dry area away from any heat sources. Make sure to clean again before the next use.