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Love Expert

Kinky Stuff
By: Christy S - 10/16/2020
Everything you need to know about kink
Communicating Sexual Fantasies
By: Christy S. - 02/24/2020
While many of us don't know how to broach the subject of sexual fantasies to our partners, sexual fantasies are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.
Because Biology: Orgasms Help Cure More Than Just Headaches
By: Christy S. - 02/24/2020
Simply, an orgasm is the feelings of ultimate pleasure that flood your body during the climax of sex.
How to Flirt Your Way into Your Next Relationship
By: Christy S. - 02/24/2020
Ladies, the dating scene can be rough out there. We've been there too and have our own fair share of dating horror stories.
The Art of Seducing Older Women
By: Christy S - 09/05/2019
To seduce an older woman, the first thing you want to do is be interested in her. Pay attention to what she says and does. Ask her about herself and listen to what she tells you.
Fisting 101: 4 Tips for Pleasurable Success
By: Christy S - 09/05/2019
Fisting is often an incredibly intimate experience between sexual partners. One of several sources of pleasure from fisting is rooted in the feeling of fullness (be it anal or vaginal.) Listed below are four tips for trying fisting with your lover
Getting Good Vibes from your New Vibrator
By: Christy S - 07/04/2019
Hooray! You have chosen a shiny new vibrator. You will take it out of the package and marvel at its multiple speed settings and rhythm options
Three Tips & Tools for Taking All Five Fingers - Anal Fisting
By: Christy S - 07/04/2019
One of the most satisfying and spectacular acts to perform in a hardcore-friendly bedroom is anal fisting.
Pulses of Pleasure: The Use and Selection of Vibrating Panties
By: Christy S - 07/04/2019
Looking to incorporate new methods of foreplay into your love life? Interested in finding some toys that can be used both up close and from afar?
Why Our Beaded Clitoral Clamp is Perfect for You
By: Christy S - 07/04/2019
Fifty Shades of Grey may of died down, but that doesn't mean your sex life has to. Have your significant other and you get a few shades darker and don't be afraid to pull out some toys