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3 Kinks to Explore
By: Christy S - 04/08/2022
Sometimes, you might want to spice things up in the bedroom, we have some fun ideas.
Giving the "boys" attention they deserve
By: Christy S. - 04/07/2022
It doesn't matter how familiar a lady is with her male partners anatomy, or how many wild sexual encounters they've shared together, it is still very common for women to shy away from her partner's balls.
Communicating Sexual Fantasies
By: Christy S. - 12/28/2021
While many of us don't know how to broach the subject of sexual fantasies to our partners, sexual fantasies are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.
Mastering Oral – Tips That Will Drive Her Wild
By: Christy S - 12/27/2021
Would you like your woman to believe that you have a superpower for oral? Want to make her orgasm with just your tongue? The majority of women cannot come to an orgasm simply with intercourse.
Why A Healthy Diet and Exercise Is A Key Part of Having A Healthy Sex Life
By: Christy S. - 10/04/2021
When it comes down to it, health is very holistic. Every aspect of health is interconnected, so it makes sense that healthy eating and exercise contribute to a healthy sex life. It all goes hand-in-hand: eat healthy, be active, have better sex.
Female Ejaculation: What Is It Anyway?
By: Christy S. - 09/23/2021
There are two types of female ejaculation, and people often use the term interchangeably, which can lead to confusion.
Top 5 Myths About Sex Toys Debunked
By: Christy S. - 07/13/2021
Are you an expert on sex toys? Test your knowledge of these five common myths about sex toys, and take a look at some products that we personally recommend.
Hand Job Help! A How-to Guide to Getting Him Off
By: Christy S. - 04/30/2021
The ability to give a good handjob is an important, often overlooked, skill when it comes to satisfying your partner. It seems that many times handjobs are passed over for oral stimulation or straight-to-the-point penetration.
How to Flirt Your Way into Your Next Relationship
By: Christy S. - 03/23/2021
Ladies, the dating scene can be rough out there. We've been there too and have our own fair share of dating horror stories.