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Bodywand: The Original Body Wand Massager

Bodywand Brand is a designer of multifunction wands and personal body massagers for everyone, to massage all your erogenous zones. These high-powered vibrator wand massagers are designed to pleasure all your sweet spots, from mini wand massagers to rechargeable body-style wands. These powerful bodywand massagers make the perfect toy for every body.

What is a Body Wand Massager Wand?

A body wand vibrator category carries a large selection of electric wand massagers, and wand vibes with powerful vibrations, a variety of speeds, soft, body-safe material and a broad head to massage a wider area, like the vulva or back.

The Bodywand brand designs these rumblier wand massager that deliver deep vibration power to stimulate all your body parts. Made with soft silicone, the head of each body vibrator is equipped with a specialized design so you can reach that special place for ultimate pleasure. Each body massager is quipped with multi-speed vibrations activated by an easy to use finger control button or control dial.

Choose from a wide variety of plugged-in or battery-operated massagers from wand originals, bodywand midnight, and rechargeable wands, to the bodywand mini massager and neon edition ones–BodyWand makes an array of personal massager for every type of body.

Features of a Massaging Body Personal Massager:

Design: The best thing about these massagers is that they will ensure that you won’t be left with a numb vulva. It’s lightweight, portable, and has an ergonomic design that makes hitting all the sweet spots easy. Customized with different colors, numerous styles, designs and specific functions, the brand BodyWand makes sure that its vibrations will linger through your entire body. You can adjust the speed and control dial for various kinds of erotic sensations.

Size: These sex toys come in huge wand sizes to petite sizes and everything in between. This means the are big enough and small enough to fit into and massage every intimate inch of the body, including all your hard to reach places.

Power: The wand vibration power varies from rumbly wands, to ones with multi speed buzzy vibrations to awaken you to orgasmic pleasure. Enjoy our amazing selection of powerful wand massagers ignite your desires. Pick from our wide selection of the best massagers from AC powered vibrators to massagers with a power cord to rechargeable massage vibrators, there is a perfect toy for every pleasure seeker.

Vibrations: With intense, multi-speed vibrations, these high-powered vibes deliver a variety of sensations from from mild vibrators to intensely powerful stimulation. Simply use the dial control or buttons to get your zoom on.

Head of Massager: The rounded head of these massagers are made with smooth body-safe soft silicone which feels amazing against all your soft delicate parts. The rounded, soft-touch head is perfect for stimulating the clitoris and vulva, while the flexible neck curves and bends to your body’s desires.

Buttons: The massaging body vibrator has easy to use buttons to adjust speed, where pleasure is just a tap (or a scroll!) away.

Materials: All body massager wand vibrators are made with phthalate-free, body-safe silicone and ABS plastic.

Can be Used by Any Body, Any Where

These rechargeable massage vibrators can be used on all your erogenous zones from the vulva and clitoris to the nipples. These powerful wands can soothe your back muscles, aching shoulder, and massage even penises.