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Jock Straps

Although jock straps are great for keeping your bits in place, they’re also a sexy addition to your underwear drawer. With function, style and sex appeal combined, our range of men’s jock straps will leave you comfortable and confident. Shop the best jock straps now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging always.

Best Jock Straps For Men

When wearing a jock strap, you don’t have to worry about wedgies. The right fitting jock strap is a comfortable option for all day wear that won’t cause you to feel too constricted or too low-hanging. Many say that the best jock straps feel even more comfortable than briefs or boxers! Men’s jock straps put your comfort and protection first and keep your bits where they belong meaning you don’t have to make as many adjustments.

As well as being incredibly comfortable and supportive, they’re also super sexy and are a popular item among gay men. Jock straps for men are used to up the sex factor during steamy sessions due to the exposed butt which makes for an erotic foreplay or sex session. Tease your partner with a pair or provocative jock straps for men to put your peach on display as you get down and dirty in the bedroom. Our range of the best jock straps for men are also great to wear whilst bottoming as a turn on or to help keep your junk in place during rigorous penetration. Bring your locker room fantasy of men in jock straps to life with our sexy collection of underwear.

Men’s Jock Straps

Jock straps for men are incredibly comfortable and make a great sexy gift for your lover. Whether you surprise your lover by wearing this provocative item during your next sexual encounter or you give them the gift of comfort and protection, no one will be disappointed with a men’s jock strap! The full exposure of the butt is incredibly erotic and makes for a tempting piece of male lingerie.

Not only do the rear straps lift the butt cheeks making your booty appear more perky, the jock strap and cup accentuates your bulge. Both these factors make for a playful addition to your sexy underwear collection. Invite kinky paddle spanks and cheeky squeezes with our range of the best men’s jock straps. Shop now along with bondage accessories like handcuffs and blindfolds for an erotic evening.

Jock Strap And Cup

Jock straps and cups are the perfect addition to your underwear collection to keep you supported. They’re made from a range of different materials like satin, spandex, mesh and more to intensify your comfort and sex appeal. When worn under your clothes, you’ll automatically feel more confident and powerful.

Choose from sexy jock strap and cups or sensual jock strap and cups for a function of your choice. Each pair is designed to be worn comfortably under clothes or erotically instead of clothes. Choose your favorite pair of jock strap and cups and get ready to look and feel incredible during your sexual experiences and during your day to day life. When wearing a jock strap, avoid rigid materials like denim and instead opt for softer materials like your favorite joggers or soft, high quality trousers. The elasticated straps will even perk up your butt making it look irresistible under clothes!

Jock Strap FAQs

What Is A Jock Strap?

Jock straps for men are designed with a pouch in the front that supports your penis and testicles, a strap around the waist and two straps that go under your butt. They were originally created in the late 19th century for cyclists for extra support of their genitals when pedaling over rough and uneven ground before becoming popular in impact sports like football and cricket. However, as time has gone on, they’ve also been adopted widely for their sex appeal, especially with gay men and their ‘men in jockstraps’ locker room fantasies.

Are Jock Strap And Cups Comfortable?

Many say that jock straps are even comfier than boxers and briefs as they don’t cause wedgies and don’t let your bits get battered and bruised during day to day life or exercise. They’re comfortable enough to wear for sports without causing too much of a sweaty situation round the back; some are even designed with sweat reducing material for sports use in the summer months. Jock straps are the ideal solution for impact sports as they provide a convenient later to position a protective cup over for even more protection.