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Sex Gloves


Sex gloves are the perfect finishing touch to add to your sexy fetish outfit during sex with your partner or when attending kinky parties. They come in a range of styles and materials including, latex, leather, rubber, lace and PVC. Shop the best gloves for sex at Romantix now and get free delivery over $50 with discreet packaging always.

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Best Gloves For Sex

Our broad collection of sex gloves is enough to transform your fetish look. Gloves for sex will give your lingerie look a playful edge that’s sure to spice up your bedroom antics and leave your partners jaw dropped. Express your kinky style with the perfect lingerie accessory for an alluring and sultry look. Our PVC or latex gloves are great for adding tempting sensations when you touch your partner. Use lube or massage oil to glide your sex gloves along your partners body and provide unique and tantalizing sensations.

Not only do our best gloves for sex look incredible, but glove sex toys are also appropriate for not getting your hands dirty during certain types of play. Latex gloves for sex are great for experimenting with anal play. They provide a barrier between your hands and the anus whilst also allowing you to easily slide in with the use of anal lube to prevent scratching or catching. Shop our range of the best gloves for sex now for incredible sensations a daring new look.

Leather Gloves For Sex

Leather is an erotic material when worn in the bedroom. It embodies power and dominance and so our leather gloves for sex are the perfect addition to your submissive and dominant relationship. Leather feels incredible on the skin, it’s warming and smooth and can feel extremely erotic during foreplay. Pair our leather gloves for sex with other leather clothing for a wow factor in the bedroom.

Our leather gloves for sex can also be worn out of the house to elevate your look. They’re perfect for fetish parties and to take your fashion choice to the next daring level. Leather gloves for sex are the perfect accessory as they can be worn in or out of the house. Most of our leather gloves come with fully adjustable straps or fastenings so that you get a secure wear. Shop leather gloves as the best gloves for sex now.

Black Sex Gloves

Black goes with everything. It’s a staple color for sex outfits to give you a kinky look. Choose from our wide range of black sex gloves for your next bedroom outfit. Choose long wet look black sex gloves to bring out your inner dominatrix or wear some sultry lace black sex gloves to match your favorite lace lingerie.

Our range of saucy look of black sex gloves will leave you feeling sexy, elegant and saucy and they’ll be a staple in your bedroom accessory collection for a long time. They’re a great addition to anyone’s bedroom activities as a feast for the eyes and the skin. Shop the full range of black sex gloves now to elevate your look.

Sex Gloves FAQs

How Do You Use Sex Gloves?

Sex gloves can be used however you want in the bedroom. Try out a glove sex toy to explore anal fingering or fisting to protect your hand and to give a smoother entry – just remember lots of anal lube. Or alternatively use our sex gloves to kick your kinky look up a notch. The sensual materials used for our gloves for sex make them irresistible. And if you or your partner has a glove fetish, our wide collection of styles will have everything you’re looking for! Browse our range of gloves for sex now and get in touch with one of our experts if you have any questions about how to use your product further.

Can I Use A Latex Sex Glove For Anal Sex?

Latex sex gloves are perfect for anal sex and anal masturbation, as long as you don’t have a latex allergy. They’re great as a buffer between fingernails and your anus, not to mention they provide a slippery, slidey option for ease of entry when paired with lots of water based lube. It also keeps your hands clean from any unwanted surprises during your play!