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Anal Sleeves

If you’re looking for a sex toy that delivers incredibly realistic and ultra-satisfying sensations, then shop our range of fake butt sex toys now. The textured inserts and soft-touch silicone make these the most realistic ass sex toys you’ve encountered. Order now for free delivery over $50 and discreet packaging.

Anal Masturbation Sleeves

Our anal masturbation sleeves at delicately designed to replicate the look and feel of a real butt for those who enjoy some backdoor action. Choose your favorite butt from our wide selection of male sex toy sleeves, whether that be a certain skin tone, look, or type of insert and explore the incredible sensations during your next solo session.

You can find every wonderful type of butt hole in our anal masturbation sleeve collection. The bumps, nubs and ridges within the insert give an ultra-realistic feel and will gently (or roughly, depending how you like it) stimulate your penis until you reach that glorious climax. Our anal sleeves fit comfortably in your hand and can be easily stored away or disguised for discreet use. You can even fit your anal sleeve comfortably in your bag as you go on vacation or on work trips for some end-of-the-day stress relief. Pair your anal sleeve with some lube for a wet and wild sensation.

Fake Butt Sex Toys

Kick things up a notch with our range of fake butt sex toys. These sex toys come in a variety of styles and can included added features like bubble butt cheeks and torsos for a more realistic experience. The real-feel silicone means you feel like you’re squeezing, slapping and rubbing a real butt and you can fantasize about your perfect person during anal penetration. These realistic ass sex toys are perfect for those who need a little more mind stimulation, just take a peep down below and see your ideal butt staring back at you.

All our realistic ass sex toys are incredibly stretchy to accommodate all sizes and the insert is textured to provide amazingly satisfying stimulation. This along with the life like look and feel is a recipe for an incredible solo play time. Our fake butt sex toys are easily storable, even if some may be bigger than hand sized. Simply store them away in your dresser or closet and reach for them every time you need a little solo satisfaction. Pair with plenty of warming lube for an even more realistic sensation and try out an anal sex toy like a butt plug to elevate your orgasm.

Anal Sleeves FAQs

What Is an Anal Sleeve?

An anal sleeve is a male masturbator that is modeled after someone’s butt, usually a popular porn star. Some anal sleeves are designed as handheld devices that you can easily stroke up and down your penis for an incredible sensation, whereas others are made to as a realistic ass sex toy that includes cheeks, butt holes, vaginas and sometimes torsos. All our anal masturbation sleeves are designed with your pleasure in mind and created to tickle everyone’s fancy.

How Do You Use an Anal Sleeve?

To use one of our anal sleeves, simply apply a generous amount of lube to make penetration easier and to reduce friction. Next, slowly insert your penis into the sleeve and begin to explore the textures by changing tempo, rhythm and positions. Take your time to experiment with your pleasure and try using whilst watching porn to get an even more lifelike sexual experience.