Magic Wand - Rechargeable

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Product Code: 5466116
Availability: In Stock
Price: $124.95

The Magic Wand has been trusted for over 30 years to provide powerful, penetrating vibrations. Now, liberated from it's cord, it is ready to offer soothing, stimulating massage nearly anywhere, anytime. Powerful, durable, satisfying. Now cordless.

Material: Silicone

I was really worried about this rechargeable magic wand after owning the original wand. But I have to say, this thing, this thing is amazing. It's super strong, has several different pulsation functions, and the head is very body friendly. I love that it's rechargeable, so no more having to hook the wand up to an extension cord to get it to reach! It's also really good in size, so you don't have to over extend to try to reach your sensual areas... Or even non sensual areas, like feet lol :) -- - 04/13/2016

I love this product. Have not found another wand that compares. I have for multi-use, mainly relaxing body as a whole. It's very powerful, but not overwhelmingly so. I use to help with headaches as one use. Works miracles, does not pull hair or feel like it's rattling my brain. -- - 04/16/2016

Okay, so i am a huge fan of the original magic wand. I've can literally say I've worn it out. One of my favorite clitoral simulators. I use it religiously. I recently got the rechargeable wand and holy mother of god i am even more in love than i was with the original. the different speeds and pulsations are AMAZING. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Endless orgasms for days. My new favorite toy. :D -- - 04/28/2016

I bought my magic wand with intentions for once and while use but defiantly exceeded my expectations. I've pretty worn my wand out. I will be buying another -- - 06/24/2016

Absolutely insanely powerful. There isn't really a gentle setting on this thing so it can be difficult to transition after using toys with gentler vibrations. It's very large but VERY powerful and effective!!! -- - 07/01/2016

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