Euphoric Pill 1pk

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Male Sexual Enhancement, for a longer harder experience!

great pill
I've tried a lot of the male performance pills and this one is my all around favorite. I like to call it my weekend special... minimal side effects compared to a lot of the other pills on the market. A great pill for someone who wants try male performance pills. -- - 04/25/2016

My husband loved this pill. It didn't last for too long, just long enough. He says his orgasm was phenomenal. He doesn't want to take another one though. Not because it was bad or anything but definitely something to try. -- - 04/26/2016

This pill is a great one , you get way less side effects than all of the other pills. Its designed to help you last longer and ejaculate amazingly. this is the only performance enhancement pill that you can drink alcohol with, and its much cheaper than every other pill. By far a great one.. -- - 05/27/2016

I got no side effects with this pill. It got the job done and your able to drink alcohol with it. this pill is amazing -- - 06/02/2016

I know im not a male so my opinion isn't personal. But these are the 2nd most asked for out of the 20 sold in our store. Customers like that it has be used even after drinking and that the low dose has been just right for ones with mild heart issues(I AM NOT recommending to use these if you have any health or medical conditions that would conflict. as always ask your doctor first) These are popular with men of all ages 18 -- - 12/15/2016

This pill was everything I needed and more. It deff increased my preformence and recovery time. -- - 03/16/2017

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