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Finding the perfect lubricant for you, solo or with a partner, can take some time. There are different kinds of lube that you might not have even considered, like something hot, cold, or delicious. With any stimulating lubricant, it is very important to know what the ingredients are for reasons like allergies and what they are best used on (toys or condoms). Here's some advice on how to choose the right lube: 


Warming lubricants are great to pair with cyberskin or realistic material toys to imitate a more lifelike stimulation. Using this lube with toys can help with a quick climax. Heat acting lubes are activated with friction, massage, or warm breath directly on the area. It can cause an intense warming sensation and pulsing to enhance intimacy. This lube will also increase the production of natural lubrication. The feeling achieved from a warming lube is more common with use for men or in a couple. From experience, a warming lubricant does create a closer feeling of intimacy and it can help your man increase his stamina. 


Cold lubricants can be triggered by light exposure, blowing a cool breath toward the area, or using an ice-cube or cold toy to enhance the effects. However, this lube is made to be cold all on its own and doesn't really need an additional cold object for the full sensation to be felt. Icy tingling encourages the body to warm itself, causing blood to flow exactly where you want it to be during sexual activities. Cold is also something that simultaneously activates the mind to react to what is happening where the lube is applied. Cooling lubricants seem to 'last longer' because the response is more intense and different from a warm lube. Similar to the warming lube, the cold lube is popular with women or with use in a couple. Pairing the two temperature altering lubricants, fire and ice, can increase pleasure for both men and women during sex. For women who are multi-orgasmic, the cold lube can double the amount achieved in a session of intercourse. For the really sensitive, well, you may not even need stimulation once it's activated.


Flavored lubes are typical for oral sex and other foreplay. It is usually recommended to buy small packets or try samples before buying larger quantities to find a favorite flavor or scent. As with the other lubricants, know the ingredients and watch for sugar content. Lubes that have a high sugar content are favored because they are sweeter and tastier but they can cause yeast infections if used internally. Also for this reason, these lubes will be sticky. There are sugar-free flavors, which are excellent substitutes, but will not be as succulent as those with sugar. Sugar-free varieties of lube are safer to use internally and can be used for oral as well. 

So how do you know that you have the right lube for your situation? Don't take my word for it, you need to experiment and have fun. If you don't enjoy using it, then it's not the right lubricant for you.

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