Naughty or nice, sometimes a good spanking is in order. Whether for pleasure or punishment, Romantix has the impact play toys you're looking for. From the tickle of a flogger's tails to the decisive whack of a riding crop, there's something suitable for every backside. 

Beginners and experienced players alike can appreciate impact play, often considered an important part of BDSM. Just be sure to practice on yourself first before you subject your pet or anyone else to it. When used by a skillful hand, our selection of products offer a range of sensations for your play from mild to intense. 

Flexible items like floggers and whips can be used with different techniques for different intensities. The tip of the tails on these items moves faster than the rest, giving that signature sting. However, it takes practice to land them precisely where and how hard you want. That's especially true of toys with longer tails, which offer less control. Crops are more rigid, but more easily controlled. You can go from a feather-light stroke to welting smack and back again. All take some experience and care to use properly and effectively, but the right one can elevate your play to whole a new level.

And don't forget - some of our floggers have unique handles meant for more than just holding. Ribbed, beaded, and tipped, they make sexy tails for play and pleasure.

Made of quality materials, our crops, whips, and floggers offer exceptional durability and flexibility for a sweet sting that won't break the bank.

With a wide selection of adult toys and lingerie, Romantix is America's one-stop shop for everything you need to make it a special night. With more than 50 locations nationwide, you can shop in-store or online, however you're most comfortable.

Make it a sure thing with Romantix – it's going to be a great night!