Who is Romantix

Romantix is one of the nation’s oldest and largest retailer of adult products. We are known for providing our customers with a large selection of quality products and services in a safe, clean, comfortable environment. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with any assistance you require or just enjoy the experience. Our customer loyalty program provides valuable rewards to make that return trip even better!

Romantix is the flagship retail chain of Progressive Retail Management. While Romantix caters to a general audience, Progressive Retail Management owns several companies that focus on meeting more specific needs, and philanthropic ventures.

Romantix is the Best!

In 2014 Romantix was voted as one of the largest 100 independently owned companies in Colorado. Romantix has also been voted outstanding retail chain by AVN; at the annual ‘O’ awards. We have also enjoyed awards for best boutique and best adult store by numerous local publications.

Romantix Does Whatever It Takes

With millions of satisfied customers over the years, we have to be a step above the competition. Our customers want the best, and we'll do whatever it takes to meet their demands. That’s why customers keep coming back to us.

Romantix Core Values

Quality Standards

We work with only the best manufacturers, and ensure they stand behind their products. Check out the Romantix line of exclusive quality products that provide real value.If you have a problem with a product purchased at Romantix we’ll help make it right.

Integrity and Trust

Romantix has been here for over twenty years providing customers with information and innovations in an ever changing industry.

Latest Technology

Romantix stores are continuously updated with the latest in technology. If technology can serve you better you will see it at Romantix.

The biggest selection

More than 19,000 items are available at Romantix, and Romantix.com. In addition to our massive selection of more than 4,000 DVD titles. Check out the Romantix line of exclusive quality products that provide real value.

Romantix, Its going to be a great night!