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Je Joue - Ami Progressive Pelvic Weights - Pink 5461931
Tone and strengthen your PC muscle with Ami for stronger orgasms. A progressive three-step set of soft, smooth pelvic weights, Ami allows you to train your PC muscle at your own pace and suits women of all ages and fitness levels.
Fun Factory - Smartballs Duo - Black/Red 5460552
Pelvic floor training device features two velvety soft silicone-covered weighted balls. Designed for advanced users. Perfect for increasing strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor following training Ergonomically shaped for easy insertion into the vagina Designed with female anatomy in mind, SMARTBALLS can barely be felt when worn The rotation of the inner balls stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles even during the most simple daily movements Increases sensitivity for greater sensation during sex – for HER and HIM! Recommended by mid-wives and gynecologists for post-natal exercises
Couture Eclipse - Purple SE4568143
Innovation luxury power and passion are the inspiration for the elegantly understated Couture Eclipse. The Seamless sophisticated waterproof massagers crafted from Japanese medical grade Silicone Designed for power and performance Couture Elegantly understated graduated scientifically weighted spheres designed for maximum results as part of a daily vaginal exercise program.
Fun Factory - Smartballs Uno - Black/Red 5460553
Kegels for all! Fun facts: 1) The muscles in your pelvic floor contract when you orgasm. 2) A stronger pelvic floor can mean bigger orgasms. 3) Using those muscles to hold a weighted ball inside your vagina strengthens them. Materials: silicone and non-porous elastomed Size: 1.4 in Designed and handcrafted in Germany We cut the classic SMARTBALLS design in half, making a Kegel weight that beginners, folks with a tilted uterus, and anyone who’s had a hysterectomy can use comfortably. Just hold the SMARTBALL inside and go about your business, or do your usual squeeze-and-release Kegel exercises around it for a more intense workout. The weighted ball inside will bump and roll as you move, making your muscles work even harder and bringing stronger orgasms into your life that much faster. Good Green Fun Designed, produced and packaged under one roof - having one of the smallest carbon foot prints in manufacturing. Packaged using recycled cardboard that's printed with soy ink, without plastic or glue