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Reuseable Cock Ring - Blue   AL-283BL
This vibrating cock ring is designed to enhance the intimate sensations of both partners. The soft silicone ring stretches to comfortably accommodate a variety of sizes. Designed for multiple uses.
Rubber Ring - Small - White  SE1404092
This rubber ring helps prolong your erection and delay ejaculation.
Sprocket Cockring Atomic Jock - Black  OX-AJ1043-BLK
SPROCKET cockring is made from all new material, it feels “blubbery”… squishy…but elastic enough to squeeze your junk and keep you super-hard—it will not dig into your flesh like other cockrings. The result is the perfect cockring, it’s strong and super stretchy, rubbery enough it doesn’t choke your balls til they're blue… Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch
Dual Support Magnum Ring - Red SE1460113
Slip the Dual Support Magnum Ring over your erection while the ribbed scrotum ring wraps around the testes for added support and pleasure. Support your love rod in ultimate comfort!
Fantasy X-tensions Extreme  Silicone Power Cage - Black  PD4143-23
Your partner. The ball strap prolongs ejaculation for explosive climaxes while the cage leaves your cock open to feel every sensation and still enjoy the natural touch of your lover. You'll enjoy thick throbbing erections and your partner will love the cages added sensations. The vibrating clit stimulator delivers direct stimulation to their most sensitive spot ust one click of the powerful waterproof micro vibe and you will make them cum harder than ever before.
Tri Rings - Red  SE1421112
There are three rings for your convenience in medium, large and X-large sizes in the package. They are rubber multi-purpose rings that you will find lots of usage for!
COLT Enhancer Rings - Smoke SE6775122
For any man to naturally enhance himself, there is an easy option. These COLT enhancer rings come as a set of two different rings that can be used on different occasions to achieve different levels of enhancement. One of the COLT enhancer rings available in this set is two-tiered. The other enhancer ring offers four tiers for the ultimate in enhancement for any man. Either of these enhancers are soft, stretchy and comfortable and can easily be worn during alone time or for sexual fun as a couple. These COLT enhancer rings are made of TPE, which is a great soft and stretchy material that is often used for sexual aids because it has a high safety level for sexual use. They are also easy to clean with soap and water, and can be used time and time again. This enhancer ring will allow any man to be enhanced to a level he never thought possible.
Ringer Cockring 3 Pack - Small - Multicolor  OX-1324-MULTI
RINGER is a thick jelly ring that bloats your meat and pushes your junk up n’ out for a heftier package. RINGER is one seriously durable fucker… it’s made from our signature FLEX-TPR and stretches up to 5 times its original size (don’t worry, it snaps back to its original shape and dimensions).
Stay Hard - Cock Sleeve 04 - Clear  BL-00402
This stretchy enhancement sleeve is a simple way to add a new level of pleasure and sensation to your rod or favorite dildo. Just slide the sleeve over your shaft. Easy to use, and stays in place!
Double Helix Quick Release Erection Enhancer  SE1414503
For a hardcore hard on, there is no better erection enhancer than the Double Helix. Designed to fit around your cock and balls, this will harness your erection and keep you up as long as you please. Easily sized to fit your penis, it also features a quick release system to let you down when you're ready to call it quits - but not a second before!
Ringo 2 - Blue   RNG2-BU-101E
The RingO 2 double erection ring features a unique dual-ring design that isolates the shaft and testicles for a more intense orgasmic experience. Made of lab-tested body-safe SEBS, the RingO 2 stretches to fit almost any size member with a stretchy sling for snug testicle support, giving men and their partners enhanced sensations and longer-lasting sex.

- Double c-ring with testicle support
- Isolates shaft and testicles for enhanced sensations
- Made of lab-tested body-safe SEBS
Reds Black Leather 5 Speed Cock Strap - Black   DJ2000-07
The Velcro closure cock strap from Doc Johnson is a new and exciting alternative to the widespread strapped leather cock-rings. Made out of high class black leather, it allows you to adjust more accurately the tightness and tension thanks to the Velcro lock it uses. Trap your cock into something nice and tight.
Atomic Jock Humpballs Cockring - Black   OX-AJ1077-BLK
If you're a fan of the best-selling Screwballs by Oxballs, you're gonna love the new and improved version. Humpballs!

Humpballs cockrings are everything you loved about the original, but softer squishier, and even more durable than before.

Each Humpballs cockrings is designed so it doens't roll or tug on your pubes, and best of all: Humpballs is made from Oxballs' super soft Skinflex-TPR, so it's made for comfortable extended wear and use.

Humpballs cockrings are blubberier and softer than all those cheap jelly cockrings out there, so there's no need to worry about it pinching your taint or strangling your junk.

Humpballs are also great for nut stretchin', stack 'em on your sack and see just how low you can make your sweaty ballbag swing. Feels just like a firm grip gently tuggin' on your boys.

The sick lookin' nut shape looks hot wrapped tight around a veiny swollen dong or stacked on a beefy pair of bullnuts.

No stretchy sex toy will last forever, but Humpballs will outlast most cheap jelly rings.
Humm Dinger Super Quad Vibrating Ring - Magenta HTP2329
New and improved sensuous stretchy silicone material with raised "pleasure nubbies" for extra sensation! Vertical stimulation vibe at the base provides extra stimulation for both clitoral and anal erogenous zones!!!
Color Pop Quickie Screaming O  - Blue - Each CP-SO-BU-110E
The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is the award-winning sex secret that helps couples have better more satisfying sex. With pleasure knobs for him and ticklers for her couples enjoy mutual stimulation with vibration that buzzes throughout the entire ring. Now available as a convenient ColorPoP Quickie couples can enjoy vibrant vibration at home or on the go with a disposable design they can take anywhere.
Fantasy X-tensions Magic  Pleasure Sleeve  PD4135-23
From the second you slip inside this 5.5-inch enhancement sleeve you will understand why we call it the Magic Pleasure Sleeve. This super stretchy girth gainer is lined with hundreds of tiny ticklers on the outside delivering thrilling sensations and satisfying thickness to your partner. The open ended head allows you to feel every sensation and still enjoy the natural touch of your lover. Turn the sleeve inside out and use it as an incredible solo stroker. Trim the sleeve for a perfect fit and the pleasure possibilities are endless.
Renegade Power Extension -  Clear  NSN1115-31
Yes, bigger is better! The Renegade Power Extension is the ultimate pleasure ribbed and girth enhancing accessory. Proven effective to aid with premature ejaculation, this fantastic extension adds generous two inches to manhood. Sturdy yet pliable for maximum comfort, this bad boy is made from high-grade TPE. Safe to use with your favorite lubricant.
Elastomer Cock Ring-Black BSPR-84
This double-wide' cock ring are made from 100% skin-safe elastomer. They can be stretched beyond imagination.
Adam and Eve Super-stretch  Sleeves - Clear  AE-RD-6987-2
The advantage is clear. These 7 super stretchy tickler penis sleeves add variety and stimulating pleasure with every thrust. Ranging from 1.7-inches to 2.75-inches long these clear sleeves are covered with pleasure nubs ribs and sensi-studs that rub against her vagina and clitoris for more stimulation than ever before. Just roll them onto your shaft like a condom the high-grade TPR can stretch to fit any size without tearing or breaking. Plus the snug fit works much like a cock-ring delaying your orgasm while reducing blood flow to keep your harder for even longer.
Fantasy C-ringz Silicone 3 Ring Stamina Set - Black  PD5912-23
When you’re looking for the ultimate beginner’s cock ring kit, the Silicone 3-Ring Stamina Set is the proven choice for rock-hard erections that last and last! With three super-stretchy silicone rings to choose from, this trio is the perfect assortment to help you achieve your maximum potential!Made from our phthalate-free, body-safe Elite Silicone, the three performance rings range from 1.25in (3.2cm) to 2in (5.1cm). Find the perfect size for you and put it around the base of your shaft to gently restrict blood flow and help you achieve the biggest and most intense erections ever imagined!The ring’s tight squeeze will put a clamp on performance letdowns and make a stud out of any man! Try the rings in different combinations to find the most explosive results! Use all three rings at the same time for the ultimate stamina test. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner and warm water. Use plenty of Moist for an extra wet and wild encounter!
Silicone Triple Orgasm Erection Enhancer - Pink  SE1838043
The perfect accessory for couples. Comfortable support for him and triple action stimulation for her. Silicone soft enhancer with fluttering clitoral stimulator and anal ticklers. 2 removable wireless stimulators. Batteries included.
Tork Vibrating Ring -blk  Just Black  VI-R0108BLK
TORK delivers a potent vibration through a single motor. This reuseable vibrating ring will satisfy any sexual appetite. Made from medical grade silicone, this sleek design is made to fit any girth.
The Macho Crystal Collection Pulsating Erection Keeper - Clear NW2238
The look of Glass... The feel of Jelly, super stretchy vibrating cockring with 7 functions. One touch on and off
Thick Neoprene Cock Ring - Small  KL-802
This Thick Neoprene Cock Ring is light and comfortable for an easy fit. They offer all the same benefits of an enhanced erection without the weight of leather and metal. This Cock Ring slides on effortlessly and can be worn for almost any sexual act.